3:16 Trackdays

The America Superbike Camp

Welcome to 3:16 Trackdays! A Texas Motorcycle Track Day and America Superbike Camp

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If you are looking for a Motorcycle School or Superbike School it may be time to experience a Superbike Camp!  Although there are great Motorcycle School and Superbike School choices out there,  a camp is different in that we personalize your training and experience just for you!   We spend less time showing you slides, talking to you about theory,  and not riding,  instead we get you on the track and work you through the R.A.C.E.R methodology!  R – Relax , A – Achieve the Basics, C – Chase Goals, E – Evaluation, R – Respectful Feedback.  

Never look back after you attend a 3:16 Trackday Superbike Camp!

Take some time to read about our unique format that sets us apart, check out our drop down schedule for your favorite track, and lastly, pick an event that suits you by registering today!

  • Smaller Groups 28, 32, and 44 riders depending on format and track.  
  • New Unique Formats
  • 1 Hour and 30 Minute Sessions see our Schedule
  • Customized Training Plan with experienced Race Mentors pick two things you want to work on we will personalize your experience.
  • More time with Mentors in a Low “teacher to student” ratio (4:1) or advanced (2:1) at COTA
  • “Just a Track day” at some events for those who just need some practice without crowds 
  • Visibility of how many people are signed up
  • These “Golden Rules” are strictly enforced.

Registering for your first 3:16 Trackdays – Texas Motorcycle Track Day is easy!

  1. On Mobile Devices  – First, click the bottom left person Icon to Create a new account or choose to Login from the Main Menu tab.
  2. Secondly, Search the Purchase Links to find a date and track that fits you.
  3. Lastly, Pick a Group that fits your riding style, then Pay and Play!

Do You? 

Do you Love to Ride ? Do you want to do your fist trackday?  Do you want to try the Superbike Camp Experience at Circuit of the Americas?, Have you done serveral track days and just want to enjoy yourself? Are you a novice racer looking to improve your racing techniques? 3:16 Trackdays has mentors ranging from some of the most experienced coaches in Texas to Moto America Level Racers.   You deserve the best motorcycle training, coaching, and mentoring available and we have it!  


3:16 Trackdays! A Texas Motorcycle Track Day and America Superbike Camp