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5 days ago

My friend Patton e-mailed this one to me. It doesn't get more real than this! I'm gonna see if COTA might want to name T10 "The Texas Rattler" I think it would be a cool corner name.

5 days ago

Does anyone out there have the photos of the rattlesnake at our COTA event?

I didn't save em!

Thanks 🙂

6 days ago
Photos from 3:16 Trackdays's post

It's all I want to do, track or street, it's what we plan for and live for.

Thankful and Blessed to do this with so many awesome riders!

Thank You All

1 week ago

Meet some new #Mentor (s) Shelik and Obade have been honing their craft and are ready to give back with us! Super nice guys will be control riding with is as Harris Hill to help the Mentors out! ... See more

3:16 Trackdays! A Texas Motorcycle Track Day and America Superbike Camp