Mentor Line Up – Aug 8th 2020 at MSR Houston

Control Riders

Art Fonseca (Mentor)

GM Mentoring - CMRA Expert Racer, Member of TXSR Leadership Team
Art is an organizer for Texas Sport Bike Riders since 2014 and has extensive experience in organizing rides, meet and greets, events, and leading training sessions. Additionally, Art was a contributing member of RideSmart Motorcycle School, an Austin-based organization which hosts track days at all Texas tracks to include Circuit of The Americas (COTA). Art served as a school instructor for beginner and intermediate level classes and led the Advanced Riders Course. Art holds a personal best lap time of 1:39 at MSR Houston!

Paul Carter (Mentor)

Coach, Instructor, Mentor, TXSR San Antonio Founder
Owner of Sport Bike Repair in San Antonio Texas. – Paul is quite possibly the most experienced “coach, instructor, mentor” in the entire line up. Paul has helped countless riders get to “level 3” aka advanced etc.
Respect the Craft Mentors

Bobby Crandell (Mentor)

CMRA Expert
Another 3:16 Trackdays rider/customer has joined our team. Bobby attended our first event ever at Harris Hill Raceway on Labor Day 2018. He went on to WIN the B SuperStock Championship, and took 2nd overall for B Superbike and C Superstock! Bobby is now a CMRA Expert!

Eddie Thornton (Mentor)

MotoAmerica Racer, CMRA Expert, MSRH Lap Record Holder, “Texas Legend”
One of the nicest and most humble guys you will ever meet in the paddocks. I met Eddie 2-3 times in passing before I knew who he was. Humble and modest in person but fast and fierce on the track! Eddie has helped us at many events and we are thrilled to have him among us!

Eddie's Words
I started racing with the CMRA in 2010 and currently still hold a race license with the organization. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to race with MotoAmerica at Circuit of the America’s and at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It’s always a pleasure to be able to help and to pass on knowledge assisting with techniques that build riding skills and the confidence needed to achieve the desired goal(s).

JC Camacho (Mentor)

MotoAmerica Racer, CMRA Expert
We are so excited to have JC on the team! Such an impressive young man who just graduated from UT Austin with a degree in Marketing! He has been racing his entire life and truly love this sport. He holds a PB of 2:17 at COTA …. on a 600cc bike!

Julie Lopez-Velarde (Mentor)

CMRA Racer
Julie has been part of the MSR-Houston track community longer than I can remember. She is modestly fast and the most common thing I hear her say is "how can I help you" she is fun, funny, and fast what more could we ask for to help bring more riders into our track fam!

Kasey Lewis (Mentor)

"Kasey probably has one" if you are at the races and in a bind, need something, that's usually what you hear. Kasey is a super helpful, encouraging, and knowledgeable expert racer within the community. He was always mentoring anyway ... so it seemed natural to bring him into the fold to help us develop the next generation of racers and mentors!

Michael Kelsel (Mentor)

CMRA Expert
Mike is a MSR Houston “Local” he is at the track all the time working with his race tuner John Hutchinson he is a CMRA Expert and is also just a super nice guy with TONS of knowledge he has a PB at MSRH of 1:35 !!! A day with Mike at this circuit that he is intimately familiar with will be awesome!

Rob Green (Mentor)

CMRA Racer
Rob Green is an avid road race fan, dirt bike rider, and all around lover of the sport. He has an infectious positive attitude and we are thrilled that he will be working with us!

Sean Brown (Mentor)

CMRA Expert
When I was taking my CMRA Class Sean himself walked in and offered to Mentor any new racers if they wanted help with becoming a CMRA Racer. This never left my mind, I was very honored when Sean accepted the opportunity to help us!

Sean Sudhakaran (Mentor)

CMRA Racer
Sean is an up and coming racer and a FAVORITE of many 3:16 Trackdays riders we are excited to have him coaching with us again! And … he’s fast!

Simon Hertell "Cosmo" (Mentor)

CMRA Expert
Cosmo was almost literally raised on the race track. He has been competing since he was 7 years old! He became a CMRA Expert in 2016, he has a wealth of knowledge in road racing which has been his life. A day with Cosmo will be a treat for anyone wanting to learn more!
Love to Ride Mentors

Tony Miller (Mentor)

Tony came to us wanting to help, nothing more. It doesn’t hurt that he can ride well, has no ego, and just wants to help people have fun on the track. When you take in this much enthusiasm, and willingness to share you get something great from it. Happy to have Tony with us.

Cliff Partee (Mentor)

CMRA Racer
Cliff has been road racing now for 3 years and has competed on an R6 as well as R3 - he brings experience racing both machines to the table. In addition to that Cliff formed Partee Racing and is developing some very nice decal products.

Damien Kimbrough "Big Tex" (Mentor)

CMRA Racer, Harris Hill Raceway TMA Instructor
Down to earth, fun, fast, and great photos! Damien has been helping riders at Harris Hill via the Texas Motorcycle Academy “how we roll” course. He not only will make you a better rider but he’s likely going to keep you smiling all day. Super fun guy!!

David Aue (Mentor)

CMRA Racer
David is literally a Sensei !! He Owns and Operates a martial arts business and is not new to mentoring others. He has been working hard on and off track and racing this year. I am delighted to have made a new friend and have him join our crew!

Jason Abbott (Mentor)

CMRA Racer, Harris Hill Instructor
Jason instructs at Harris Hill, Races in the CMRA and enjoys helping riders “find the lines” and become better riders

Jon Thayer "Jet" (Mentor)

Team Lead TXSR Organizer Austin, CMRA Racer
Jet is one of my personal best friends and has done tremendous things for the community. In 2014 he started the “Second Sunday Easy Ride” in Austin Texas and helps new riders every month. I met him at Cycle Gear years ago and took him to his first track day. He later on became an instructor with RideSmart and also became a CMRA Racer. He did his first round on his R6 at Hallet in May and WON his class in F40 Novice. He is a class act on and off the track and I am proud and blessed he is on the team!

Kier Garcia (Mentor)

CMRA Racer, Lead Instructor at Harris Hill Raceway
CMRA Racer, Harris Hill Club Member and Lead Instructor for How we Roll and Intro to Track at Harris Hill Raceway – “Hi everyone my name is Kier Garcia and I’ve been doing track days for about 5 plus years. Been teaching and Harris Hill Raceway for about 2 years and going. Just recently got my CMRA license to race. Love riding the track, racing and most of all teaching.”

Kyle Mallett (Mentor)

CMRA Racer
Kyle attended one of our events and was SOLD! He understands the concept and wanted to be a part of helping new riders get into the sport. His enthusiasm and genuine care for others sold me!

Logan Saint-Pierre (Mentor)

CMRA Racer
Logan has been riding with 3:16 Trackdays and learning from the Experts, it's showing and his hard work and dedication is paying off. He has a great attitude and a personality that makes everyone want to be at the track! He is a Marine by profession, so as he masters the craft we have no doubt he is going to be a warrior on the track as well!

Suneeta Karri (Mentor)

CMRA Racer
Suneeta is always at the track with her awesome husband Sean, they travel together, ride together, and now they are racing together. She has been a member of MSRH for years and is part of the family. Her great personality and positive attitude help make "new" trackday riders comfortable and relaxed so they can focus on the fun part of riding!

Ignacio Pedregon (Owner)

3:16 Trackdays Owner, CMRA Racer #316, Harris Hill Raceway Instructor and Safety Embassador, TXSR Organizer
If you made it this far you probably know who I am by now. My wife and I put our faith in Jesus Christ and prayed before starting this organization. We pray for you all before each event. And we hope that this and all track days bring you joy and happiness. Thank You for being part of this journey with us.

May Pedregon (Owner)

Former Racer and Awesome Wife
May is known around the paddocks as the glue that makes this whole operation family. Her inviting smile and way of dealing with all issues makes 3:16 Trackdays "home" for many riders. She went "all in" with me (Ignacio) and puts in many hours behind the scenes taking care of details that makes the difference in everyone's experience. She loves riding and gets on track still whenever she can.