Minimum Requirements

Rider Gear Requirements

  • Full Face Motorcycle Helmet  – In good condition with no visible damage that can compromise it’s integrity.  This must be SNELL/ECE Certified.
  • Helmets must be less than 5 years old
  • Full Body Motorcycle Suit – One-piece is required for “Respect the Craft” group,  two-piece zip together suits are OK for the “Love to Ride” group. CE Armor must be inside the suit. 
  • Zip Together Textile Suites, Mesh, or Leather Zip together are OK for “Intro” days.
  • Back Protector  – Required  (Contact us and we will help you find one at a fair price.) 
  • Motorcycle Gauntlet Race Gloves
  • Motorcycle Boots  – Over the ankle,  no cowboy boots, no work boots
  • No Quick Release Chin Straps allowed on Helmets
  • No GoPro’s mounted to helmet via adhesive, systems which C-Clamp onto helmets are OK. 

Motorcycle Equipment Requirements

  • Motorcycle must be in good working condition with no visible or obvious loose parts. 
  • Throttle must snap back to position by itself 
  • Lights, reflectors, mirrors must be taped off 
  • Tire tread must not be past wear markers and is subject to approval by 3:16 Trackdays 
  • All fairings must be secure and nothing is loose
  • “Anti-Freeze” is not recommended due to glycol (very slippery) We suggest you change it to Water Wetter or Engine Ice for everyones safety.
  • Chain tension with some slack but not enough that it can come off the sprockets.  The chain should not be too tight either. 
  • GoPro’s and Action Cameras must be tethered.  
  • Oil Filter and Cap tight, safety wired is preferred but not mandatory
  • This program is not ideal or intended for large touring or cruiser machines
  • Machines less than 250cc are not allowed in the “Respect the Craft” group, riders on 250s, 300s will be observed and if your pace is too slow we will move you to the “Love to Ride” group.

Please watch this basic tech video.

Rider Experience Requirements

The 3:16 Trackdays program is for experienced riders with at least 10,000 miles of career riding experience.  This is not a school and there is no instruction for street riding.  Race Mentors are available to share experience, help you get comfortable and even share some racing techniques with you. 

Love To Ride Group – For Beginner to Medium Intermediate level riders.  However, anyone can join this group so long as they follow the “Golden Rules” This is a great group for beginners but also experienced riders who just want to ride.

Respect The Craft Group – For Intermediate to Advanced riders.  This group is intended for experienced track day riders who want to improve in every way.  This group also follows the “Golden Rules

Riders who can not follow the “Golden Rules” will be warned one time and then sent home without a refund.  

3:16 Trackdays! A Texas Motorcycle Track Day and America Superbike Camp