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September 4, 2020 3:16 Trackdays Mentor Coaching Methodology

3:16 Trackdays – The America Superbike Camp has developed it’s core training methodology which is described using the acronym RACER this new method has proven to be extremely successful yielding in less incidents during our events and riders attending our events are experiencing very rapid progress! Riders are no longer “trapped” endlessly in a group waiting for a bump up but are instead able to attend 4-5 camps and progress to club racing! In addition to helping newer track riders progress quickly we offer training by the top expert club racers in the region giving racers someone they can still learn from!

Ignacio Pedregon Owner Operator has stated “when your “trackday coach” only rides when you are at the track, or he/she can’t coach existing racers, it’s time to get a new coach.

The R A C E R methodology was developed alongside former AMA Pro Craig Gleason and the Instructor staff at Texas Motorcycle Academy who also Mentor riders with us.

R – Relax – The first thing all riders need to do is get their nerves under control. Ask any experienced racer, their fastest laps and personal bests did not come on a day where they were wound up and tense. Those best days come when you are relaxed and focused. The Mentors work with riders to help them relax looking for tell tale signs of stress.

A – Achieve Basics – The second focus is simply ensuring that everyone whether it is their first time on the course, or they are experienced racers are getting On and Off the track properly. After they can get on and off the track we need to “learn this road” just like if it was a group ride with your buddies on some new twisty roads. We like to call the first session “Make Friends with the Track” it is 30 minutes long and focused on this purpose. When everyone does this there are less incidents throughout the day. There is no rush because you still have several HOURS of riding available to you the rest of the day.

C – Chase Goals – The third part of our method is focusing on goals. During sign up we ask you questions like riding experience, lap times, and things you want to work on. (Goals) At a track day you turn laps, push, and hope to get faster. At a Superbike Camp you work with a Mentor to focus on 2 points for the day which will break bad habits and lead to long term improvements. You will have plenty of track time at the end of the day to put it together and see your improvements!

E – Evaluate – The Mentors assigned to the riders are always aligned according to skill level. The faster you are, the faster your mentor will be. You need someone who is much faster than you to observe you and look for areas of improvement. This is also done through video review whenever possible. If for some reason we did not book you with the right mentor, no problem, we always have someone faster on hand who can help!

R – Respectful Feedback – You paid money to be at the track, ride it, enjoy it, and learn. The last thing you need is a “track day coach” who only rides when you do track giving you attitude, strutting around like he is the best, showing off, and embarrassing you in a classroom full of people. Our Mentors are hand picked and we have a personal relationship with every one of them. They are trusted friends to us and we hope will be to you too!

We are thankful for the opportunity to develop this method along some of the best riders and racers in our region. Thanks to our Mentors who truly care about the sport, and the riders. Most importantly we thank God for this opportunity to serve you all!

Visor Down, Eyes up track, and full gas! We hope to see you at one of our events in the future!

Ignacio and May

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February 2019 – 3:16 Trackdays Cooperation with CMRA

3:16 Trackdays enters the Texas Motorcyle Trackday Market with a value proposition of “Enjoyable and Usable” track time.

To sweeten the deal 316 is partnering with the CMRA Race Club to help promote CMRA’s new Track Experience program and will have CMRA racers as riding mentors for 316’s track days.

316 Trackdays will be taking applications from current CMRA racers interested in mentoring sport 
riding enthusiasts in exchange for 2 full hours of free open track time.

The hope is the partnership will not only benefit riders but encourage the great tradition of Texas Road Racing which has produced riders such Kevin Schwantz, Colin Edwards, Ben Spies, and many other hall of fame riders.

January 2019 – 3:16 Trackdays Partnership with AmericaSportBikeRiders.Com

3:16 Trackdays will be sponsoring which includes TXSR, NMSR, and ARSR

3:16 Trackdays is not asking the group to only use us. We are however only offering this to the group and its members.

1. – First Notification on Registration for Events 
2 – Subsidizing (Helping Pay) for up to 20 total Members to get NEW suits when signing up to 316 TrackDay Events 
3 – Exclusive Trackday Raffles at TXSR, NMSR, ARSR events and watch parties. 
4 – Exclusive – 3:16 will Sponsor CMRA License Course for 1 ASR rider at each TEXAS CMRA Race in 2019 when attending the Trackday Experience.
5 – Exclusive release of corner working (work to play) spots for members who want to corner work for a track day.

The NEW Suits 3:16 Saves! Campaign will be released in a few weeks so stay tuned for that info. It will include guidelines to be eligible. This will release in December.

CMRA License Course Sponsorship will have guidelines as well stay tuned. This will release in January.

All Eligibility will require active participation with TXSR, NMSR, ARSR groups. Including referral from local group organizers verifying activity and membership.

3:16 Trackdays! A Texas Motorcycle Track Day and America Superbike Camp