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We are thankful for the input below from riders who have attended our past events. We will do all we can to honor these words and provide events that keep you smiling, riding, and making the best memories!

  • Vernon Pianfetti

    316 and mentor This was one of the best times I've had. From the time on the track to the people helping run the whole thing. It ran great! The amount of time on the track was great. For my mentor Damien Kimbrough, you legit man! Showed us so many techniques to make us better,and cool as hell. Thank you all who made this day happen. Will definitely be signings up for more. - 9/14/2021

    Les York

    Super Bike Camp is always amazing! Super Bike Camp is always a first class experience. Marco and Suneeta were my mentors at the last two events, and each time they were able to help me make improvements. Not saying there is anything wrong with track days, but Super Bike Camp with 3:16 is the place where you come to get faster at your craft!

    Thank you Ignacio and May!
    - 9/11/2021

    Scott Sheaffer

    First class 3:16 Trackdays is the real deal and truly a first class operation. Ignacio and May are trendsetters, very conscientious about the experience and genuinely invested in the betterment of the sport, the craft, and YOU as a rider. The mentors are just top notch, one of several factors that really set these guys apart. I have been riding a long time and have had some world class instruction, so I am a little gristled and not easy to impress. I can honestly say I learn something profound and I improve every time I participate in a 3:16 event. They offer a whole lot for the price, the events are a steal. - 9/08/2021

    Austin Leonard Avatar
    Austin Leonard

    Superbike Camp on Labor Day Nothing short of amazing! The formats and the times and the group sizes are perfect. It’s never congested on the track and there are plenty of sessions to work on getting better. Alain and Damien rode with me and gave me tips and I had the time of my life. I’ll be attending every session I can with you guys. And Alain and Damien deserve the best! - 9/07/2021

    Adam Mendonca

    The Best Track Experience Once again I had an amazing time on track with 3:16. I have also ridden with some other east coast orgs, 3:16 is simply the best. My mentor Marco was outstanding! The attention to detail he provides is unmatched. I told him at the start of the day I wanted to go faster, he said "I can help with that." After the first 2 sessions he sat me down and gave me some pointers to try. Not only did he help me with conserving energy but also his suggestions allowed me to be more stable and cut 2 seconds off my lap time by the end of the day. Extremely happy with the experience and can't wait to get back on track! - 9/07/2021

    Checkerz Wiliams Avatar
    Checkerz Wiliams

    Excellent Organization I made the 5 hour drive over from Baton Rouge to MSR Houston specifically to check out 3:16 Trackdays as an organization. Having ridden with another organization I wanted to explore something new. Ignacio and May, and the whole 3:16 team did an amazing job hosting us. Very organized and amazing hospitality! I've already signed up for another 3:16 event that is even farther away (6 and a half hours drive) because I love this 3:16Trackday Team! - 8/26/2021

    Lorenzo Ruiz

    Had a great time on Saturday, am a cmra racing just trying to get faster. My coach was Alan Phillips and have never had a better coach. Gave great feedback on where to improve and checked how i was doing every session. - 8/16/2021

    Lars Olund Christensen

    MSRH August 2021 Me and my son enjoyed the hole weekend with 3:16 I think the best way to put it is to say: The first thing we did returning home was to sign up for the 9/11 weekend. Want to make sure we got a spot. Everybody are Helpful and flexible and focused on safety and having a good time. Mentors and Marshals are professional and constant accessible to assist and if you want to do your own thing, just go ahead. Me and my family loves it. Hope to CU out there. - 8/16/2021

    Austin Leonard

    First Trackday Impression All I can say is amazing. 3:16 Trackdays provided phenomenal mentors to share knowledge and advice to get me right on the bike. Definitely look forward to signing up again with them! Sunita (hope I spelled that somewhat right) and Damien (spell check this too haha) were awesome in making sure I knew the lines and understood why they do what they do on the track and the bike. They were amazing and can’t wait to work with them again! - 8/16/2021

    Alex Villafranca

    Did not disappoint! After having a mediocre experience with another track day organization, I decided to give 3:16 a shot and was not disappointed. I did the Superbike Camp event at COTA on July 4th and had an amazing time. From the event schedule and the number and length of available sessions, to the support and the comradery from the staff, vendors and participants, not to mention the mentor experience, the camp is well organized and a truly special experience. The groups are small and my mentor, Marco, was always there for us. He took video to critique my riding technique and to help me develop better lines. He is very knowledgeable and was always open to listen to my concerns, and answer any questions. His instruction and individualized approach were invaluable to me! Kudos to Ignacio and May for organizing such great events and I'm definitely staying with 3:16 for my next track day! - 7/11/2021

    Eduardo G

    Thank you for another amazing COTA weekend! I can only say good things about my experience both days as well as our great mentor Bobby Crandell. He did an outstanding job making sure that all of us improved our riding despite our different experience and confidence levels. Kudos to Bobby for that! It was also very much appreciated having the extra riding time Sunday. Thank you and I look forward to the next COTA event. - 7/08/2021

    William Go

    Excellent Experience in Every Way This was my first trackday in several years. I've been to Watkins Glen, Summit Point and Willow Springs. As expected, this was by far the nicest facility I've ever been to. 3:16 ran a first class event. Very well organized and professional. The information emailed beforehand was extremely helpful so that I'd know where to go and how the day would run. My mentor was Paul Carter and he was great. Paul talked to each of us individually and provide us a detailed description of the track which was extremely helpful. I was concerned that it would be difficult learning such a long track (COTA) but Paul made it easy. Overall I had a terrific time and I will be attending other 3:16 events at other tracks. - 7/08/2021

    Jerry Smith Avatar
    Jerry Smith

    Simply the best! I had a fantastic Independence Day weekend by heading to COTA with 3:16. I’m beginning to wonder why I ever book a track day with anybody else. Ignacio, May, and the family / team have really built the best of the best when it comes to track days. Everything is always organized, mentors are excellent, they pay attention to the details, and the riders that show up are always a great bunch to hang out and spend time with. Speaking of details, they started the day off giving thanks to God and they had a professional singer come in to perform an excellent rendition the Star Spangled Banner for Independence Day. They also had custom stickers on July 3rd with all of the riders names. Big shout out to JET. I honestly made more progress over the weekend than I have had since the very beginning of my track day journey (addiction). He’s a great guy, knowledgeable, and he’s patient. Yes, there are other track day organizations out there, but 3:16 is simply the best. Thanks again y’all, and see you soon!! - 7/07/2021

    Teegen Partridge Avatar
    Teegen Partridge

    Fantastic Organization Had an awesome opportunity to join 3:16 Track Days for a day out at COTA. The entire day was well planned out and it was obvious how hard Ignacio and all of his crew worked to make the day special. If you are thinking of doing a track day I highly recommend this organization, you will have a blast. - 7/07/2021

    Dustin Weaver Avatar
    Dustin Weaver

    316 trackday Everytime I come to a 3:16 track day it's always an awesome day, even if it rains half the day. Between your staff hanging out water and other members willing to help out. I couldn't ask for more better experience. I'm so glad I don't have to hustle till classroom and then hustle back to my bike between breaks with 316. Even your mentors have a positive outlook on everything. Tony Miller has been my mentor the last two times I've done Cota with you guys. He goes out of his way to help each person out in his group. He points out everything to improve your riding experience. I can't thank you guys enough. You guys are awesome!!! Please do more Harris Hill and cota's throughout the year. - 7/07/2021

    Mark Cortez Avatar
    Mark Cortez

    Best Trackdays in Texas Great instructors that are eager to help at a lower ratio. Excellent session layout and more track time! The hydration crew is awesome, always handing out water when you’re on break. Can’t go wrong with 3:16. - 7/06/2021

    Patton King

    Had an awesome experience with 3:16 Trackdays at COTA I recently did the 3:16 Trackdays event at COTA on July 3rd, 2021. I had an awesome experience and got loads of track time. Throughout the day I worked 1-on-1 with Marco who was very knowledgeable and a joy to work with. The guy understands motorcycles like a horse whisperer understands horses, haha. Marco gave me lots of great tips and we spent the day focusing on how I use my feet and body position. He was able to film me with a GoPro and track my lap times. After just a few sessions of working together he helped me shave 39 seconds off my lap time! I would highly recommend riding with 3:16 Trackdays and look forward to future events! - 7/06/2021

    Omar Ahmad

    COTA BOOTCAMP 2 JULY 2021 My first track day after my accident last year. Thank you 3:16trackdays/Ignacio &May, Candace, Art, Roger Albert, Keith for the Conti tires, and all the sponsors for making it happen for us active duty. Special thank you to our awesome mentor "Marco" garage 8, he used his personal camera to give us feedback after each session. I would like to reach out to Marco to get his contact info to thank him. - 7/05/2021

    edan donabella

    cota with 3:16 i had a gret time and learned very much about the racing line with my mentor marquis davis. i was actually able to keep up with fast riders just because i knew a few little tricks about the line. thats what i really took from the time i spent there. they kept us hydrated and happy with ac water and electolyte stuff too! - 7/05/2021

    Juan Antonio Anzaldua Avatar
    Juan Antonio Anzaldua

    Boot camp Had a great time at book camp. I learned alot from my mentor David. He gave me grate advice to help me practice and build my confidence on the corners. - 7/05/2021

    Adam Mendonca

    The time of my life Had an amazing time with 3:16 at COTA, very well run event! I had a blast. I am yet to find a fault with anyone involved with the 3:16 organization. My mentor Tony Miller was very knowledgeable and a great teacher. With tips from body position to picking the correct lines, I have never been more confident in my riding. I can't wait to get back on track. - 7/05/2021

    Natasha Brewer Avatar
    Natasha Brewer

    WOW factor! From start to finish this organization will impress you. The entire staff at 3:16 are all dedicated to making YOUR trackday experience fantastic. From registration to track time to paddock life, it’s personal, friendly, and welcoming. They go above and beyond to make sure every single detail of the day is covered. The hydration team…knocked it out the park!! They were there between every session making sure we had everything we needed to continue our day. The control room staff had the weather channel on speed dial for any and all alerts, keeping everyone safe and updated throughout the day. Ignacio and May have gone above and beyond, and I am so glad we made the trip to ride with 3:16! - 7/05/2021

    Demarcus Allen Avatar
    Demarcus Allen

    Your organization is great Truth is I’ve been having a rough time the past few months. I was really close to not coming to the event, but I’m glad I did! I like how you were really open and personal with us and shared your trials and tribulations. I’ll definitely start using you guys as an organization. Thank you so much!! Motorcycle accidents aren’t the only issue the military has struggles with but riding has become a big aspect of my life and it keeps me in the right headspace. So again thank you and everyone else. Sometimes it’s just good people that keep us going and fighting and you have organization full of good people. For that I appreciate you! - 7/05/2021

    Daniel Garrett

    COTA WEEKEND WAS AWESOME This weekend at COTA was absolutely amazing, minus the bit of liquid debris, the team at 3:16 made it a top notch experience from beginning to end. Shout out to my mentors for the weekend Kasey Lewis, Berto, and David Lang. Also big thanks to the hydration team making sure we all stayed hydrated. Looking forward to the next time I get to ride with yall. - 7/05/2021

    Todd Ehrlich Avatar
    Todd Ehrlich

    Rockstars! This is my second time at 3:16 COTA, and just love the brotherhood and format. I've learned so much and appreciate everyone that made it a success, especially all of the "Crew" delivering water and the famous popsicles! It is attention to detail, like this, that makes a 3:16 event so special. My mentors have been top-notch and really work the things I need to work. The 3:16 folks work hard to make the best experience for you while making it easy to become friends. - 7/05/2021

    Michael Stringer Avatar
    Michael Stringer

    The Best Experience I cant say enough about 3:16 Ignacio and May are the dynamic duo and have surrounded themselves with people who care. My Mentor ( Damien ) was a ton of fun and very in tune with each rider and knew his way around COTA. Thanks Again 3:16! - 7/05/2021

    Juan Daniel Reynoso Avatar
    Juan Daniel Reynoso

    July 4th Superbike Camp at COTA Just returned from the superbike camp at COTA w/3:16 and can not wait to be back next year. Ignacio and his team put on a top notch experience for riders of all levels, on and off the track. I would highly recommend 3:16 at any track on their roster. - 7/05/2021

    Raiko Williams Avatar
    Raiko Williams

    Amazing hospitality, great environment The entire organization was very welcoming, they're very well structured with their schedules. The H2O Team keeps you hydrated so you don't lose out on track time. The mentors do a great job pointing you in a direction to get faster, video review helps a lot. The best TD Organization I've ridden with hands down. As a transwoman I'm always reserved about the type of people I could end up meeting at the track but I never felt wary at all. For anyone that gets nervous around people, this is the organization you want to ride with. - 7/05/2021

    Les York

    Paul Carter! Paul Carter was my mentor for MSRH on Memorial Day. He listened to exactly what I wanted to improve on and provided feedback that was easy to understand. He even followed up after the event with more feedback and videos to help me become a better rider. You always get first class service from 3:16 and every Mentor! Thank you 3:16! - 6/13/2021

    Jacob Hose

    MSRC 6/5 Amazing day out at cresson. I was paired up with Suneeta. I was on my ninja 250 coming from normally riding my GSXR 750 with no small bike experience. She helped me immensely with my lines and maintaining corner speed on the small bike. The weather held up and the day ended up being perfect. Thanks y’all!! - 6/07/2021

    Travis Farley

    My First Track Day Didn't 100% know what to expect for my first trackday weekend. But, the event I attended at MSRC was really first-rate. It exceeded my expectations in just about every way. My 2 mentors Jason and Tony were really just what I needed to get acclimated to the track. Without them, I couldn't have experienced the dramatic increase in skill and comfort that I did. The level of focus on mutual respect and safety was just right. As a grumpy old man, I really place a premium on punctuality, professionalism and courtesy. These 2 days ran like clockwork. every meeting and session started on time. I was pleasantly surprised by all of the complementary water & snacks & electrolyte popsicles. All of the staff and mentors were great. I will certainly be attending more 3:16 track days!! - 6/07/2021

    Ioben Borbiliac Avatar
    Ioben Borbiliac

    Amazing track day experience! This was my 1st time going to a track day and I was over the moon! I was 1 of 4 riders in my group and we had our main mentor and his helper (secondary mentor), which was very rewarding for all of us! Plenty of seat time, one-on-one training, tons of feedback, and if you had a little traffic on the track... you can pass them in a safe, respectful manner! I did not feel rushed, intimidated, or stressed during the whole experience... just miles of smiles! Best bang for my buck, by far! Thank you team 3:16 and all that you do! Also, big thanks to my mentor Tony Miller and his trusty helper Beto!!! I will always remember this day and hope to attend future events as soon as possible! - 6/06/2021

    Carl D.

    Mentor Damien Did a fantastic job as a group and individualy 1:1 Took the time to understand my gaps and then work with me on how to address. Was totaly available off the track and went over and beyond to ensure a sucessful day No more RideSmart for me! - 6/04/2021

    Daniel Garrett

    MSR Houston Another wonderful experience with 3:16! Great lessons from my mentor Damien K. Definitely got the most out of this experience with yall. - 6/01/2021

    Guillermo Grado Avatar
    Guillermo Grado

    My First Trackday With so much to think about along with the exciment of the race track, 316 kept it stress free. My mentor Paul Carter kept me focused and was there to answer all my questions after each session. I Can't wait to do it again! - 5/09/2021

    Chris Butler

    Passionate Instructors and Great First Experience My first track day through 316 was down the first half of the day and way up the second half. Most of my track day experience has been at MSRH so I felt I was ready for more experienced group at Harris Hill since there are only 2 levels with 316. I struggled in the first half of the morning getting comfortable at new track and couldn't figure out what I was struggling with. I happen to run into Damien and told him I was not enjoying my day so far and he quickly responded., "You paid too much not to have fun, lets fix this". I asked if I could ride in the first group and the 316 workers had no objection and wanted me to ride in whatever group I felt comfortable. Damien was very patient with working through my body position and giving detailed feedback on and off the track. Even after the track day, he continued to follow up with me and give me feedback which I did not expect. I left the track day seeing a big improvement in my body position and most importantly feeling like the last part of the day was fun as I was not fighting my bike as much based on instructor feedback. I would recommend track days with 316 to anyone especially if other instructors are as passionate about helping others like Damien. The 4 star is for constructive feedback on format which an hour is too long. I appreciate you are able to take a break at anytime during the hour and come back on track, but I feel by the second half of the day I was resting for at least half of the hour. - 5/03/2021

    Les York Avatar
    Les York

    Best track day experience in Texas! 3:16 Trackdays offers a very relaxed environment that provides all riders, no matter your skill level, the opportunity to improve and have fun while doing it! Logan was great! During our time in the pits, he shared sooo many great techniques that helped ME improve on the track. I'm looking forward to working with him again in Houston and improving my lap times :-). Thanks Logan! Thanks 3:16! - 4/17/2021

    Nick Torres Avatar
    Nick Torres

    Harris Hill 4/12/21 Review Absolute blast with the group! First track day. Intimidating up until arrival. Once I met up with friends and met the mentor, all was good. First few laps on the track had me nervous and getting used to the environment, but our Mentor (Suneeta) walked us through the process. After the first session I was ready to spread my wings and get out there. Suneeta was there to answer any questions and/or provide feedback. Definitely increased my riding skills and had so much fun doing so! Great organized track day with....plenty of track time! - 4/14/2021

    Dwight Hume Avatar
    Dwight Hume

    Most growth of ANY of my previous TDs. I don't just throw comments around, as I'm extremely particular. This was definitely the most personal improvement I've experienced at a TD... 10 pts for Anthony! (or whatever is the max per rider award system) Tony was fantastic! I've heard all the usual track instruction before, just the way he presented it to me, several lights finally illuminated. As a former MSF Riding Coach myself, I consider this priceless, as all students need concepts explained in a manner that is tailored to their personal minds. HH is a fantastic track, that I plan on spending much more time on. IP and May always go above and beyond, which I so appreciate and admire since it's how I operate my business! Vibe was amazing! Not intimidating at all, felt like family. ? Everyone there was exceptionally helpful, and exuding that Southern Hospitality. I'll add this for IP, and the Christians... If Jesus had a TD, I imagine this would be it! For myself... IP, May, Marshall's, Corner Workers, rest of the 3:16 Possie, they are serving the Universe beautifully! Way to set the bar Crew! Also, I'm thankful Busa didn't tech my bike when I saw him Sun. ? j/k. Oh, and please give Jet a couple points for the trailer home.? - 4/13/2021

    Thomas Vu

    All mentors were amazing. I was paired with Dave Dahms and he was absolutely fantastic and gave a ton of great feedback. Any instructor I spoke to also gave plenty of advice and some even found me on the track to give me a tow. Sean Brown and JC came by as well just to say hi and introduce themselves and give advice. - 4/13/2021

    Marcus Chamberlin

    Harris Hill A stress free day that ran very smoothly. Having done hundreds of Trackdays around the country over the past three decades, I was very comfortable with 3:16. Very much enjoyed my mentor Sean Brown, such a friendly guy and seemed to always be there if you really needed him. Only con I have is I’m not a fan of the SuperBike camp setup as one hour sessions are a bit too long in MY opinion. Great job to the entire 3:16 team, well ran organization. - 4/13/2021

    Konrad Benginow Avatar
    Konrad Benginow

    well organized and very fulfilling experience The event was well organized from the get-go with informative emails from Ignacio prior to the track-day. During the event everything went smoothly and track time was maximized. What I liked the most was the attention and quality feedback from my mentor, who was awesome. He was able to spend plenty of time with me and other 4 riders assigned to our group. He was patient and knew exactly how to make us improve. every bit of information was valuable and we could then practice all that feedback in the sessions. I've learned a lot in a friendly, no-pressure environment. It was an amazing experience and hopefully more to go! - 4/04/2021

    Angel Martinez

    Obade Obade is very knowledgeable and very personable. Great work and connection with each person - 4/01/2021

    William Kauffeld Avatar
    William Kauffeld

    You’ll want to do more It was my very first track day ever and I didn’t know what to expect but everyone made me feel very comfortable and the student to mentor ratio was fantastic. What I really want to highlight is one of your mentors though. My mentor was Tony Miller and I got to say, he did an absolutely fantastic job! He was able to help every single of us in our group and was very encouraging and confidence inspiring. He gave praise at times which was nice but he also had such a smooth way of keeping everyone down to earth and willing to be better and learn more. Had it not been for his outstanding mentoring I wouldn’t have even got close to where I ended the day at. Thank you Tony Miller and 3:16 Team! - 4/01/2021

    Dennie Spears

    3:16 does an excellent job of running track days. The format for my track day at MSRC was great. By using my hourly sessions as 20 minutes of riding, 20 minutes of suspension tuning/rest and 20 more minutes of riding, I was able to get in seven practice sessions. It had been nearly 4 years since I had been on a track and I was rusty at first and slowly improved over the day. Bobby, my mentor, was great. He helped me exactly as I requested. - 3/31/2021

    Jerry Smith Avatar
    Jerry Smith

    Great day Ignacio, I just wanted to drop a Quick note to let you know how much my enjoyed my experience at 3:16. Your operation is top notch, and the format was a big part of that. I felt like the small groups assigned to each Mentor allowed me to spend the time learning as well as have conversations with other riders. In our group, these conversations generated additional feedback along with encouragement from my fellow riders. On the topic of mentors, Tony was simply outstanding. He’s a personable guy that really helped me identify areas of opportunity. He broke down complex items into simple tasks that I was able to execute and build on throughout the day. He was also a good motivator, and I hope to get a chance to work with him again. I achieved more than I had hoped from the day. First and foremost, I truly appreciated that you starting the day off giving thanks to God. I also had a great time, I’m a better rider than I was, and everybody went home safe. Thanks for a wonderful day. I’ll see you again soon. - 3/31/2021

    Daniel Garrett

    Fantastic!! What an excellent day of riding. Perfect weather, new track surface and a great mentor in Art. - 3/31/2021

    Scott Watson Avatar
    Scott Watson

    Best track organization in Texas Awesome coaches and 1:4 ratio gives you personal help and guidance to improve your skills at any level. - 12/15/2020

    Kevin Ellison Avatar
    Kevin Ellison

    Love you guys,and the awesome Trackdays ? - 11/25/2020

    Eilzabeth Waltman aka SinLLaves 885 Avatar
    Eilzabeth Waltman aka SinLLaves 885

    Track Days with 3:16 I love riding with 3:16. First, they are just great people. Second, they take really good care of their riders, no matter the level of experience. Third, they want riders to have fun, improve their skills, meet other riders and expand the community of riders. Forth, you learn something each time your out on the track. The mentors are superb! Did I mention that you'll have fun. It's a great experience. Get ready for the spring when track days resume and be sure to save your coins for COTA...an experience not to be missed. - 11/21/2020

    Dane H. Nerad

    First track day with 316 I have done track days through all of the "other" Texas track day groups. While all have been awesome 3:16 clearly has the best format. By the end of the day you have ridden so much that you do not want any more track time. The environment is exceedingly supportive, it feels like a group of friends who rented the track out for the day. Can't wait to do another track day. - 11/20/2020

    Stephen L. George

    Requested Reiew I've been to 2 of your Track Days. I've also ridden with Ride Smart and at Hallett. Overall I think 316 does the best job. Pros: Long sessions. Well Coordinated sessions. Great communication. Abundant staff. Rider autonomy. Rider focused briefings and track review/walks. More experienced rider pool Cons: Track Walk can run too long and be too basic. Suggestions: Publish a track guide for each venue to save time at the event going over all the particulars. Publish essential rider info, riding basics or references/links to review ahead of time for those who wish to. Have mentors send their plans for the day or curriculum for the day to their group ahead of time. Ensure mentors adhere to the schedule. Ensure mentors tailor their instruction to their riders. I'm looking forward to more 316 track days next season. Thankx Much. - 11/18/2020

    Juan Daniel Reynoso Avatar
    Juan Daniel Reynoso

    Because May and Ignacio Care ... and they bring snacks =P After 1.5seasons of riding with 3:16 Trackdays, while also riding other organizations on occasion, I realized and experienced what sets May and Ignacio apart ... "They care about our experience and well being on track." They surround their program with good folks and support staff that make a win-win situation for everyone. *Safety Briefings/Expectations/TrackStudy? Check! *Positive Attidudes? Check! *Teamwork and Friendly Help? Check! *Snacks? Triple Check!!! - 11/18/2020

    Michael Stringer Avatar
    Michael Stringer

    Best Experience for a New Track Rider Being a Christian is awesome. Finding a Track day experience that glorifies Christ , Awesomer! The day is well organized and thought out. Safety is held at a high standard and being new to the track that made all the difference. The coaching was a welcomed surprise and super helpful. Nothing but good things to say and will look forward to the next one. - 11/18/2020

    Shannon Erickson Avatar
    Shannon Erickson

    Track Time Had plenty of time on the track. Everything ran some and no idiots on the track. - 11/18/2020

    Shannon Erickson Avatar
    Shannon Erickson

    Track Time Had plenty of time on the track. Everything ran some and no idiots on the track. - 11/18/2020

    Steven Harris

    trackday groups Very much enjoy how the trackday sessions are scheduled for each day. I feel like my day has less pressure and still get my track time in. - 11/18/2020

    Scott Sheaffer

    Best in Texas This is the best run track org in I have found in Texas, period. Ignacio and May really give it everything. 316 has put a lot of thought into the structure of the sessions, it is a great environment to lap and learn. My experience with 316 has been top notch, and the relaxed environment is more enjoyable and safer. I don't ride with anyone else since I tried 316. - 11/18/2020

    Jeremiah Reidy

    The 3:16 Experience Well, where to start..... Let me start with Ignacio and May, they are straight-up good and nice people from top to bottom, kind hearts through and through. The 3:16 experience is not just a track day, its a gathering of good people getting together at the track for fellowship and fun,,,,, nerdy Tech types from Austin, Roughnecks from West Texas, Okies from Okla, the Blue Collar and Big Oil types from Houston, Old Army, bright-eyed Marines, and even a few Flyboys/gals,,,, every walk of life,,,, basically America just coming together for riding and riding and riding. Lots of CMRA racers attend but also a lot of new track attendees and a bunch somewhere in the middle, if you are new you will find a lot of helpful advice, show me-ship and mentorship if you ask, and sometimes people will just give it without you asking. That's the type of people that attend 3:16. Come attend a track day with the 3:16 crew, have fun, improve skills, maximize on-track time and be safe. No other track day organization gives as much as 3:16. - 11/18/2020

    Ramiro Garcia Avatar
    Ramiro Garcia

    positive review  Another 3:16 track day in the books! I was matched with mentors Damien Kimbrough and Cliff Partee. This was my first time at Harris Hill and they started us off slow and then picked up the pace. They gave a lot of instruction when it came to my body position, and it changed my entire way of thinking. I felt so much better just being on the track. I would also like to thank Anthony Miller a previous mentor of mine for giving me some tips and keeping my head straight. Thank you Ignacio for having a great team! - 11/05/2020

    Lance Catchings Avatar
    Lance Catchings

    positive review  *UPDATE November 2020*

    Roughly one year ago I did my first track day and was told, “Welcome to my new addiction -IP”. Monday at Harris Hill was my 7th trackday and it was the perfect way to wrap up 2020. I was paired with mentors Damien Kimbrough & Cliff Partee and they really did an excellent job. It was my first time at Harris Hill Raceway so from the basics of pitting in/out at this new to me track, then getting right to work on evaluation was great. They worked with our group all day, gave real time video feedback/evaluation during our off track time and were great guys to be around. I also got to talk track with another one of my past 3:16 mentors (Tony Miller) as he was control riding that day. The experience and the knowledge these guys share is immeasurable. Looking forward to continue learning and improving with 3:16 Trackdays in 2021.

    I have been riding sport bikes since 2009 but had never experienced the track until the MSRH event on 8/3/19 and I am so thankful my first trackday was with 3:16 Trackdays. I actually won the track day at a TXSR kickoff event so that made the experience even more special. For a first time track rider I couldn’t have asked for a better organization to learn the ropes. From the drop off the night before to the check in the next day and the on/off track coaching my entire experience is one I’ll never forget. I actually roped in another street riding buddy of mine and we can’t wait to go back to MSRH for the event in September. Ignacio has put together a first class organization that I would recommend to anyone, but especially those who are new to the track experience.
    - 11/05/2020

    Brian Hooks Avatar
    Brian Hooks

    positive review  Absolutely awesome experience! I’d definitely recommend 3:16 to everyone that rides! Thank y’all! - 11/04/2020

    Roba Magic Avatar
    Roba Magic

    positive review  Best track day format ever. Coaches are available to guide you, whether you are a 1st timer or a seasoned “track day junkie”.
    (4 riders to 1 coach) which makes it easy for hands on coaching. I have had the pleasure of working with great coaches who are also racers @Kier Garcia @Marquis Davis @John Mackenzie and @Paul Carter.

    Looking forward to 2021!
    - 10/28/2020

    JJesus Morales Avatar
    JJesus Morales

    positive review  September 07 Trackday
    Well organized, very respectful and great ambient, 1-4 coaching double ??.
    - 9/12/2020

    Sam Morgan Avatar
    Sam Morgan

    positive review  I have done a dozen or so track weekends but first time with 3:16; it truly exceeded my expectations! My mentor Sean Brown was great and highly recommended. The entire staff was professional and Texas friendly, throughout the day stopping by to offer a water or a hydration frozen treat. I absolutely love the one hour sessions, plenty of laps and time to pit have a water and then get back on the track. It simply could not have been better! Highly recommended and can't wait for the next event.

    - 9/10/2020

    Brandon Jaazanias Avatar
    Brandon Jaazanias

    positive review  Such a great experience and day of progression as always this past Labor Day with 3:16 Trackdays!
    The mentors are the best and really try to personally work with you throughout the whole day to help you get better ?
    Shoutout to my mentor Logan Pierre for helping me this past Monday to work on my weak points definitely helped to make a difference for me ?
    - 9/09/2020

    Vince Mascia Avatar
    Vince Mascia

    positive review  3:16 Trackdays are by far the best track day experience I have had. The relaxed atmosphere promotes learning and makes the day enjoyable. Their format of providing maximum track time with a reasonable number of riders per session is an exceptional value. I’m already planning how I can attend as many 3:16 Trackdays as possible next year. - 9/09/2020

    Elizabeth Waltman Avatar
    Elizabeth Waltman

    positive review  From start to finish, a great experience every time I go! This time was at MSRC on the 1.7 track. Jason Farias was my mentor and really helped me get my lines on a new track. Later in the day, Marquis Daniels helped me as well. Terrific coaches. I also took the CMRA racing class. Keith Hertell taught the class and prepared me for the mock race. Looking forward to turning in the yellow shirt for my racing license. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Just bummed that it was the last day of the year.

    Just do it.!
    - 9/08/2020

    Mike Forostoski Avatar
    Mike Forostoski

    positive review  Rode with 3:16 yesterday at MSR Cresson. Fantastic experience! It was a great combination of instructor feedback + self-paced learning. I’ve ridden with quite a few track day orgs, and here are some high points of 3:16:

    1) They are a tick more expensive, BUT they provide mentors at a 1:4 teacher:student ratio, the mentors seek out their students after the ride (thanks, Cosmo!), and the org provides a plethora of snacks. They are also willing to go get food for you if you need it.

    2) This is the first org I’ve ridden with that does a comprehensive track walk with an expert racer. We went to the critical areas of the track and learned the best bike placement, visual markers/landmarks, and problematic areas.

    3) Great people! I’ve never had a bad experience with people at the track, and this org continued that tradition and was “all in” when it came to rider satisfaction and team attentiveness. I took my neighbor, a new rider, and so many instructors came up to him asking how he was doing and giving him great feedback. Definitely shows this org has great pride in bringing up people in this sport.

    4) Courteousness and Respect! I’ve been “that guy” and I’ve also almost been taken out by “that guy.” There were very few instances of foolishness on the track and the message to all was “respect your fellow riders.” I truly feel people took it to heart because I never felt disrespected on the track, or they people were being reckless, even in the group with varying skill levels.

    Room for improvement:

    The session were an hour long....and in 97-deg heat, I lasted about 20-30 minutes at semi-race pace. Maybe 30 minute sessions on very hot days might benefit the crowd.


    Great experience with a solid faith-based trackday org that cares about its patrons and their experience!

    Big thanks to Ignacio and his team, as well as my mentor, Cosmo!
    - 9/08/2020

    Quian Key UpTown Jones Avatar
    Quian Key UpTown Jones

    positive review  Another great weekend with you guys. Got a bit of rain and still had a blast and good laughs. Kier thanks for all the advice, Ignacio and the team of coaches were very helpful much appreciated

    Looking forward to my next outing with you guys
    - 8/12/2020

    JErnesto Calderon Avatar
    JErnesto Calderon

    positive review  Extremely well organized events, friendly staff and coach Cliff Partee showed knowledge, patience and understanding to teach. - 8/11/2020

    Zack Kilgore Avatar
    Zack Kilgore

    positive review  Did my first track day at the end of May, everyone was super helpful and nice that I had to come back! Just went for my second track day with 3:16 and my mentors, Kyle and Jason, were awesome! They’re both very knowledgeable and helped me progress with my skills and really took the time to give advice. These mentors will keep me coming back to 3:16 track days! Definitely recommend 3:16! - 8/10/2020

    Helal Syed Avatar
    Helal Syed

    positive review  Just wanted to give a shoutout to my two mentors Suneeta and Cliff. The experience each of them brought and was able to provide was phenomenal. Whether you were working on big picture things like learning the track and the line or the nitty gritty like which gear and RPMs you needed to be at, they were extremely helpful. The most helpful part was reviewing the video. Even though you think you're doing something right, chances are you weren't or weren't doing it as well as you thought you had been. Although my day was cut a bit short by the weather and the tumble I had, I learned a tremendous amount.

    Looking forward to the next event!
    - 8/09/2020

    Madison Jones Avatar
    Madison Jones

    positive review  Five stars! Love this organization and all they do for the track community. They listen to the riders’ needs and go above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome. Most importantly, it’s a safe environment with plenty of instructors, mentors, and family-like friends to help answer questions and improve your skills. - 7/17/2020

    Shelik AKing Spencer Avatar
    Shelik AKing Spencer

    positive review  Great experience, more than enough track time and a great platform overall - 7/14/2020

    Andy Landry Avatar
    Andy Landry

    positive review  July 5th was my first time with 3:16 and first time at COTA and one of the best experiences ever!!

    The 3:16 crew did an amazing job working through all of the ever fluid COVID changes in order to make it all happen.

    The mentors were fantastic and always willing to work with you and share wisdom. Thank you Paul and Marquis for everything!!

    I even went the extra mile and got my CMRA license.

    There was always someone walking around handing out cold water and electrolytes keeping us hydrated. Food trucks and vendors were onsite which was a big bonus!

    Thank you guys for everything and looking forward to MSRH.
    - 7/12/2020

    Tim Dazey Avatar
    Tim Dazey

    positive review  Awesome support from all of 3:16 staff water, food and everything was top notch. I've already signed up for the next event at MSR, obviously I want more! My mentor was Fluffy and hands down he took me under his wing and picked up what I needed to work on. I left a completely different rider. On a scale the event was a 6 out of 5 and Fluffy was the same above my expectations.Very personal and left me feeling as though he really really cared about ME! That's not a trainer that's a friend for life. I'm down for 3:16 I'll be at every event you guys put on, you got a life time member. - 7/11/2020

    Chris Wold Avatar
    Chris Wold

    positive review  Another great weekend at the track with 3:16 Track days at the world famous Circuit of the Americas!

    I am continually impressed by the mentors/ staff that Ignacio Pedregon III and May Pedregon have selected. From the time I arrived to the time I left I was in awe of the dedication and effort that was put into the CotA weekend.
    Every single time I happened across my mentors for the weekend ( Bobby Crandell and Steve Ebeling), the trainers in the cool down room, the folks who brought us riders water, and other stuff to stay hydrated, to Ignacio and May themselves, all had an infectious smile and uplifting attitude. Can’t say enough about how the attitudes and smiles displayed by them was appreciated by me.

    The mentors I had ( don’t think there was a bad one ever involved with 3:16) were friendly, helpful and carried a very positive image of what a mentor should be. Bobby and Steve both showed a passion to watch, listen and discuss on what I wanted to work on. The focus they were able to dedicate to me because of the 4:1 ratio was incredible. Both days a plan was discussed on my goals and then executed. You have to love that.
    I ended the weekend a whole lot more relaxed and consistent in my riding.

    3:16 Track days and it’s ENTIRE lineup of mentors and staff, THANK YOU! Many have said it all ready, I am just going to say it again. This was a class act you put on display for us.

    - 7/10/2020

    Jeff Barnett Avatar
    Jeff Barnett

    positive review  Biggest thanks & shout out to 3:16 track days & my mentor Damien! The whole program from the security, parking, coaching all the way down to ensuring we were hydrated properly all day long was class act. Best track day I’ve ever had by far! - 7/08/2020

    Jordan Gonzales Avatar
    Jordan Gonzales

    positive review  2nd track day ever and by far the best one. Small amount of people on track made it a faster and safer environment. Drinks were provided. Electrolyte tabs and popsicles were given to ensure everyone stayed hydrated. 316 did an amazing job running like a well oiled machine keeping everything on time. I had Patrick Ortega and Steven Shakespeare as mentors throughout the weekend. Both were amazing coaches who helped me find more time in various places throughout the track. The feedback and advice they gave me is invaluable! Because of these two guys I was able to drop into the 20’s at COTA with ease! If anyone wants to build confidence in themselves and get faster while having an absolute blast! 316 and these two guys are the best way to do it!
    - 7/08/2020

    Diego Bênção Avatar
    Diego Bênção

    positive review  This was my 3rd time at COTA, 1st time with 3:16. Night. And. Day. I didn't have to hunt down an instructor or wait my turn for one because 3:16 GIVES you one AND puts them in the garage with you. it was extremely well organized, track times ran like a well oiled machine, all staff were incredibly helpful and all had a smile on their face. 3:16 even provided a cooldown room and had staff distributing water and electrolyte beverages to the garages regularly!

    I'll absolutely sign up with and highly recommend 3:16 Track Days to anyone, and cannot WAIT for another day at COTA with this organization!
    - 7/08/2020

    Derek Cunningham Avatar
    Derek Cunningham

    positive review  Great mentors and just really good people. Got more COTA than I could handle (never thought that was possible). Riding structure and time was perfect. Mentors totally exceeded expectations. Had Ignacio the first day and there is not a better person to learn the track with. Next day moved on to Anthony Miller and COTA got real - real fast! Progressed more than I thought possible in one day, all while have insane fun. I still got my head up looking waaayyyy ahead while I type this. You guys are the best.
    Circuit of the Americas
    - 7/08/2020

    Tuval Arad Avatar
    Tuval Arad

    positive review  Track day was organized like a Swiss watch. Throughout the day we provided cold drinks and snacks.

    The schedule was perfect.

    Family atmosphere

    The mentors was wonderful.

    Super recommend AAA+++
    - 7/08/2020

    Dennis Black Avatar
    Dennis Black

    positive review  Had an amazing time with a great group of people! COTA event was very well put together and was handled superbly even while navigating the additional stress and logistics that covid-19 added to the mix. Can't wait for the next event!!

    - 7/08/2020

    David Gzz Avatar
    David Gzz

    positive review  I normally don’t do track days, but I’ll if it’s with them. Long sessions, not overcrowded groups and they even get you drinks and refreshments.

    Doing COTA with 3:16 is totally worth it.
    - 7/07/2020

    Jason Harmon Avatar
    Jason Harmon

    positive review  I attended my first 3:16 event (@Circuit of the Americas) at the recommendation of some much more experienced riders.
    I received personal attention from Ignacio leading up to the event regarding my issues, as well as a detailed set of emails that set excellent expectations. The event was really well thought out to address COVID, as well as general organization.
    I was coached by Andy, and had huge breakthroughs in my pace and confidence on a number of areas. It was a real privilege to learn from such an experienced coach, I had all of my questions answered as well as very applicable feedback.
    Most importantly, I got literally more track time than I could handle! I probably wouldn't have made it half the day without the cool shade provided by the garages, much better than a canopy in a parking lot in the TX summer sun!
    - 7/07/2020

    Patton King Avatar
    Patton King

    positive review  I had an awesome day at COTA with 3:16 Track Days. They are well organized and kept the day running smooth. I was able to get loads of track time and didn't feel rushed. The 30 minute sessions gave plenty of time to go around the track and the hour breaks between sessions helped me recoup my energy. I was able to ride all day and had great 1-on-1 coaching from a very knowledgeable rider @Jeff Foushee. He was very patient with me and captured video while following me around the track. We later discussed the video together to talk about how I could improve. I will definitely ride with these guys again! - 7/07/2020

    Shaun Accardo Avatar
    Shaun Accardo

    positive review  We were a part of the July 5 and 6th America Superbike Camp at COTA put in by this fantastic organization. The track day was seamless, organized, well-instructed, and fun. I’ve been to COTA with other organizations and I can say, without hesitation or doubt, that this was run leaps and bounds better: low rider numbers on track, good coaching, clear instruction, adherence to rules, appropriate placement of riders in groups, abundant staff, etc. etc. etc.

    I couldn’t recommend this organization more.
    - 7/07/2020

    Dwight Hume Avatar
    Dwight Hume

    positive review  @circuitoftheamericas
    Best TD ever!!! Such a fantastic experience. Every aspect of the 3:16 Trackdays was beautifully orchestrated. I have never felt such confidence, and zero pressure during a COTA TD. My mentor Andy was excellent. Gave me good advice, but also just let me ride and enjoy myself. Being a small business owner myself, for me the grand picture, down to the littlest minute details are extremely important. Well, 3:16 knocked it out of the park! With other TD Organizations, I often just feel like a number. With 3:16, I felt like I was around family. I highly recommend them, and looking forward to the next event!??
    - 7/07/2020

    Paul Mclaren Avatar
    Paul Mclaren

    positive review  Absolutely awesome experience with 3:16 track days at COTA July 6th 2020. Paul Carter offered some great advice for a first time track rider and I felt comfortable throughout the entire process. I will be back on track with 3:16 at COTA if they setup some more dates! - 7/07/2020

    Robert Nadasi Avatar
    Robert Nadasi

    positive review  For July 6th trackday

    All my rider friends agree it was the best event. Low stress. I believe having less people was a key to it. I am happy to pay more.

    It was great!!!

    Good job for you and your team.!!

    Robert Nadasi
    - 7/07/2020

    Lewis McDonald Avatar
    Lewis McDonald

    positive review  I heard great things about this organization before I signed up, and after doing a track day here it is easy to say that this is the best track day organization in Texas.

    The staff is courteous, respectful, and helpful. The mentors are experienced and intelligent and are willing to work with you. The ratio between mentors and Riders is better than anywhere else, and I have never felt more safe on the track before. Less people, more track time, and an overall better experience.

    To top that off, this organization was part of a military appreciation event that displayed more generosity and kindness than I had ever seen before. I highly recommend these guys if you are considering doing the track day. You won't be sorry.
    - 7/07/2020

    Andrew Hernandez Avatar
    Andrew Hernandez

    positive review  Very well organized event! Being at the best racetrack in America is one thing; being with a group that is well organized is another. They were able to take the experience next level. Look forward to many more track days! - 7/07/2020

    Luke Johnson Avatar
    Luke Johnson

    positive review  What an amazing experience with 3:16 AGAIN! My first time at COTA and 2nd or 3rd time with 3:16 Trackdays. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about their Trackdays. Well organized and awesome communication. I will be doing every 3:16 day with them for the rest of the year!!! Also big thanks to my previous mentors Bobby Crandall and Brandon Altmyer! They were amazing and answered all of my questions!! Very excited to attend more Trackdays with 3:16!!! And if you have never attended a trackday THIS is the organization for you to try out!!! 5 starts from me!! - 7/07/2020

    Chris McCurry Avatar
    Chris McCurry

    positive review  Well organized, laid back, didn't feel rushed, overall great experience. Can't wait to do another track day, especially at COTA! - 7/07/2020

    David A Lisboa Avatar
    David A Lisboa

    positive review  Awesome track day on Sunday. 3:16 and COTA did an awesome job keeping us safe and hydrated and having track support and the taco truck and BBQ truck open was great. My mentor Art Fonseca was awesome and taught me how to get around some corners quicker and had lots of experience to pass along. I met a lot of mentors and they all where happy to share there knowledge and help everyone. Thanks 3:16 and Circuit of the Americas for making this happen. #circuitoftheamerica #COTA #3:16 - 7/07/2020

    Craig Bush Avatar
    Craig Bush

    positive review  The July 4th 3:16 Track Days superbike camp COTA was the most fun I’ve ever had on track. It was well organized and thoughtfully executed. An especially nice touch was staff members proactively bringing participants and guests ice cold refreshments in the garages. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed (not high-strung or formal) and the staff were very personable. My mentor, Damien, was immensely helpful, and really made the day valuable for me as I advanced significantly. Thank you to everyone involved!

    - 7/07/2020

    Scerif AbdelAzim Avatar
    Scerif AbdelAzim

    positive review  Cool people good management! Will attend again in the future! - 7/07/2020

    Josh Stiles Avatar
    Josh Stiles

    positive review  3:16 puts on an amazing event even during a pandemic. Small group riders meetings, 3 to 1 mentors who actually want to help you get better (thank you Paul Garcia) and an amazing opportunity to get your CMRA license at a MotoGP track! It was one of the best days I’ve ever had on two wheels. Thank you to Igancio and May, your family and all the staff. Please keep it up. - 7/07/2020

    Todd Ehrlich Avatar
    Todd Ehrlich

    positive review  When I saw 3:16 Trackdays open up at Circuit of the Americas #COTA , I knew I had to attend. I LITERALLY bought my entrance tickets BEFORE I had a sportbike! LOL! To ME..... the education and experience were just as important as the fancy bike. Ignacio even helped me in the right direction of my next motorcycle before the event!

    I am brand new to the track, and I had heard such great things about this group, that I knew they would take care of me. They did this VERY WELL, and they were excellent at keeping a lot of testosterone of the group in line WHILE letting them loose without unnecessary restrictions!

    Ignacio and May are special people, and they accommodated my needs. I'm forever grateful to them for my first track experience. (I still can't believe it was at COTA! )

    My Mentor on my first day, Jonathan Thayer, was patient, and knew exactly what to do to get me started safely and properly! Awesome video too! My second day was with Paul at Sportbike Repair out of San Antonio. So insightful, guiding, and knowledgeable. I couldn't have been in better hands for my first track day!

    Thank you 3:16!
    - 7/07/2020

    Christian Anne Avatar
    Christian Anne

    positive review  Went with Husband to COTA this past weekend for a track day organized by 3:16 Trackdays. I was very impressed with how organized and well run this event was. Health and safety protocols were followed and constantly reminded through out the days. Everyone was super friendly and you can tell they all have a true love of the sport. The riders were respectful and fun and the volunteers made sure no one was dehydrated. COTA has first-rate facilities and the entire experience was so much fun. We would definitely recommend signing up with 3:16 Trackdays for any event. - 7/07/2020

    Balaji S Avatar
    Balaji S

    positive review  First track day with 3:16 at COTA. Just a phenomenal atmosphere. Have done COTA before with other orgs and this is hands down the best I have experienced. Below are pros and cons so u can decide for yourself :).

    Crisp clear communication with maps.
    Great coaches and coach to student ratio.
    Coaches give great input (Kyle Mallett).
    Very friendly atmosphere
    Chill room was NEEDED for me to survive so amazing coordinations there.
    Great protocols during COVID with folks re-enforcing mask protocol
    30 min run them each session

    Maybe too many emails 🙂 haha..

    So u can between the pro and cons ..it’s only logical that I would go with them again 🙂


    Special shoutout to Kyle Mallett who was a great coach and was very involved with us On feedback and coaching.
    - 7/07/2020

    Daniel Wolfe Avatar
    Daniel Wolfe

    positive review  @316trackdays

    COTA 2020 was out of site. Best track day I have ever done. Jeff Foushee was great and I learned a ton! Every track day I do with 3:16 is amazing. If you haven't done one, you're missing out. So much track time. Excellent instruction. Far less than crowded. Throttle Therapy is the best.
    - 7/07/2020

    Duke Reidster Avatar
    Duke Reidster

    positive review  Very well run organization, organized Track Days, maximum track time, safely run. The organizer Ignacio and May Pedigrone are a great family, fellow riders, and very dedicated to making your experience a memorable one. We just finished a COTA weekend and I have to say it was the best track day event I ever attended by far. Great coaching by mentors also did my CMRA certification, this was the first one done at COT by them from what I understand, on the 4th of July they ran a track day session for Active Duty military. Great organization here, highly supportive of Vets and Mil, highly recommend them. Look at their schedule and join for some great track time experience. - 7/07/2020

    Rich Overton Avatar
    Rich Overton

    positive review  Great organization from top to bottom. Easily the best track day I have ever been too at MSRC, MSRH, and now COTA. A completely relaxed, no pressure event. Mentors for every level from slow (like me) to expert CMRA/MotoAmerica riders with teacher to student ratios of 4 to 1 (usually less). If you want to get better as a rider, or just come out and have fun, this is the organization to do it with. Less crowded and longer sessions make these events worth every penny. - 7/07/2020

    Emily Trotta Avatar
    Emily Trotta

    positive review  First trackday with 3:16 and experienced 3 days at COTA.... and it was the best track weekend I have ever had!

    A real family setting, filled with good energy, they make sure you are hydrated and doing okay.

    Very organized and so many 1 on 1 experienced instructors.

    Also lots of time to relax between sessions and lots of time to ride during the sessions!

    Will definitely do another with them!
    - 7/07/2020

    Johnson Michael Avatar
    Johnson Michael

    positive review  Great people. They went above and beyond to help make the July 4th event the best time ever. - 7/06/2020

    Priscilla Anthony Mulheron Avatar
    Priscilla Anthony Mulheron

    positive review  Best track day experience in Texas!! - 7/05/2020

    Dex Lester Avatar
    Dex Lester

    positive review  First time with 3:16, plenty of track time, good schedule, limited numbers on track makes for a safer, more enjoyable day. I did the track day and didn't have mentor time but Sean (sp.) was friendly, offered advice and helped with line selection. Will sign up again when they are back in my area. Well done. - 6/16/2020

    Corey Taylor Avatar
    Corey Taylor

    positive review  Awesome day Sunday with 3:16 trackdays. Tried to pick up some speed from Doug Frenchak! Thanks for the help! - 6/15/2020

    Sebas Felice Avatar
    Sebas Felice

    positive review  I did MSR Cresson on June 7th - 5/5 stars! Cannot recommend this organization enough to both beginner track riders and experienced/expert level riders. I have done multiple Trackdays in California- Chuckwalla, Buttonwillow, Willow Springs, Adams Kart Track, Apex Racing Center etc, with multiple organizations, and while those experiences were great, I’ve never had an organization care so much for safety, instruction and development for riders of all levels. The staff are full of licensed racers from AMA, CMRA, MotoAmerica and more. At no point did I find myself in ‘traffic’ on track and it was not hard to safely pass if there were a few slower riders in front. The amount of riders on track and instructor to rider ratio (about 1 instructor per 3 riders) the price is more than fair. Had a fantastic experience and I definitely will be back again soon! - 6/12/2020

    Liz Jensen Avatar
    Liz Jensen

    positive review  My first experience with 3:16 Trackdays was this weekend and it's hard to put into words how fun, encouraging and safe it was. I left the weekend thinking "This is how trackdays should be!". My mentor David Aue was extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher. Highly recommend! A big thank you Ignacio Pedregon III, Myong Yu Pedregon, Kyle Mallett, Rob Green and others for helping me learn so much and also making me feel so welcome. I highly recommend 3:16 Trackdays for both newer riders as well as experienced folks. - 6/12/2020

    Jake d'Fonseca Avatar
    Jake d'Fonseca

    positive review  Man oh man, how do you put one of the best weekends of your life into words? I run a lot of car HPDE’s but I’ve never come across such a helpful/friendly group of mentors than with 3:16. Jeff, Rob, Shakespeare, and Pops all were very skilled riders and taught me more in one weekend than I ever thought was possible. I planned to ride part of one day and ended up riding the whole weekend. Ignacio and his wife run a very organized event and are always around if you have any issues. My only complaint is I should of done this years ago. If your on the fence about booking an event... DO IT! - 6/12/2020

    Robert Wyper Avatar
    Robert Wyper

    positive review  Another homerun event. Though we had some unexpected rain, spirits we're high and we got in some solid sessions. I was nervous to be paired with Eddie Thornton as a mentor being he holds the track lap record but he squashed my nerves quick. he was 100% spot on with what I needed from the 1st session, and answered all my questions before I asked them. Helped me break some barriers to make me a safer and faster rider. See you guys next go around! - 6/10/2020

    Shannon Erickson Avatar
    Shannon Erickson

    positive review  Yes very organized and stayed on schedule. People knew what is tolerated and not. Everyone I rode around stayed in Track Day mode.

    David Felio was awesome!! Showed me the way around and spent time with me on and off the track. Explained the line and how it set up the next turn. Many Thanks David
    - 6/09/2020

    Joe Sveum Avatar
    Joe Sveum

    positive review  Low rider numbers really helps with traffic and the number of mentors really helps ensure that riders are placed in the correct groups. had a blast at my first trackday with them and the structure is pretty nice so im not feeling rushed early in the morning with the first advanced group out at 10am. - 6/09/2020

    Rohan Dawra Avatar
    Rohan Dawra

    positive review  Had a great time @ Cresson! Rob Green was a great mentor that actually took his time and showed us how to go faster, safely! Will be back again! - 6/09/2020

    Jarrett Hinds Avatar
    Jarrett Hinds

    positive review  Just wanted to say thanks to my mentor, Tony Miller, for working with me at Cresson on June 7th. He did a great job balancing between faster and slower students. He was very positive and had a bunch of useful tips and info. Also, he helped me with an incident I had on the track that I really appreciated. - 6/09/2020

    Patrick Pita Avatar
    Patrick Pita

    positive review  Great track day with great instructors especially Kyle Mallett. Long sessions mean for lots of good feed back from your mentor. - 6/09/2020

    Mark Jensen Avatar
    Mark Jensen

    positive review  Do you get that feeling at some track days of being rushed all the time? You are in a rush to register. You are in a rush after the riders meeting to either go to class or to get dressed to get on the track in 5 minutes. You are rushed to get to class after your session. It seems like the whole day is rushed and you never get to relax and enjoy the experience. We had a different experience this past weekend. It was the most relaxing and enjoyable track day yet. Not only that but I was taught by some of the best riders in Texas. Steve Steven Shakespeare was my mentor, Paul Carter and Art Fonseca did the explaining on the track walk and Rob Green checked in on us and answered any question we had. David Aue was my wife's mentor and he also checked in on me. The only complaint that I had all day was that I am not in good enough shape to take advantage of all the track time that was allotted me. Steven Shakespeare wore me out. I had to take a break. Thanks to everyone, we had a fantastic time. I highly recommend 3:16 Trackdays to any rider with any skill level. See you at the races! - 6/09/2020

    Les Heather York Avatar
    Les Heather York

    positive review  If you truly want to improve your riding skills in a low stress environment, you have to go do a 3:16 trackday! Each trackday I leave a better rider. All instructors are excellent! I've worked with Sean, Marquis and David. Big thanks to my instructor yesterday at Cresson, David Aue! David helped me learn some great lines and fine tune my body position! - 6/09/2020

    Trent Pope Avatar
    Trent Pope

    positive review  Wanted to thank 316trackdays for a great time at msr Cresson this weekend. I learned a few things and improved my lap time a little. This is a great organization that gives you a lot of track time. If you haven't done a 316 track day, YOU SHOULD! - 6/08/2020

    Chris Warren Avatar
    Chris Warren

    positive review  I highly recommend 3:16 trackdays. I have signed up for multiple events the past year with them. Looking forward to COTA track day in July. If you not have signed up for this track day, you should. - 5/31/2020

    Fred Hubnik Avatar
    Fred Hubnik

    positive review  Great, innovative format. Never felt so relaxed, safe, and productive at a track day. Mentors are excellent and gave some of the best advice I've ever received. Going forward, 3:16 will certainly be my go to track day org in Texas. Thanks to all that work so hard to put this together. - 5/27/2020

    Tyler Allison Fisher Avatar
    Tyler Allison Fisher

    positive review  By far the best time I have ever had at COTA. Great event. Amazing reinvestment on your part with the drinks and cool down spot. The food was awesome. Truly awesome experience. We will be doing it again....and again @circuitoftheamericas - 5/26/2020

    Daniel Valverde Avatar
    Daniel Valverde

    positive review  I had my First TD experience yesterday and I couldnt ask for more! The session is long enough for me to take a break then go back out again. The numbers of students to a mentor is amazing 4-1. I received some wonderful feedbacks from Jason ( my mentor for the day).

    HUGE THANKS to 316 for willing to cover costs for interpreter ( Im deaf) for me. That made my first experience MUCH better than I expected too. I cant wait for July 6th! Thanks again!!
    - 5/26/2020

    Angel Garcia Avatar
    Angel Garcia

    positive review  I had been hearing about the hype over how good 316 trackdays was. i finally gave it a try and they surpassed every expectation. Past track days with other organizations left me wanting more seat time, and very little feedback per session, and having to pit often due to being overcrowded.

    316's schedule and structure eliminates every complaint I've had in the past. My instructor Kyle made sure to give every one in our group great feedback EVERY session ..not used to that at all! I told him what my focus was day, and by the end of the day I had a much better understanding thanks to him.

    TL;DR - if you are wondering who to pick to spend your time with on the track, choose 316 if they are available because:
    1 - exponentially more seat time.
    2 - exponentially more feedback from mentors.
    3 - A lot less crowded.
    - 5/26/2020

    Roddy Spring Avatar
    Roddy Spring

    positive review  Rob Green did an excellent job...very knowledgable - 1/08/2020

    Michael Ebling Avatar
    Michael Ebling

    positive review  Events are ran well. Great people on the track riding with respect for everyone around them. Great mentors. - 10/22/2019

    Brian Millsap Avatar
    Brian Millsap

    positive review  Love these guys. True lovers of the sport and of the people. They're not all about money. They're all about making you a better, safer, faster rider. And their coaches.....they are literally the fasted guys around. And they care about you. I've ridden with groups from California to Florida and everywhere in between. These guys are by far the best. - 10/04/2019

    Dom Quindara Avatar
    Dom Quindara

    positive review  Did my first track day on labor day weekend at Cresson’s 1.3. The staff/mentors at 3:16 trackdays were friendly and were a great help. The 1hr sessions seemed to last forever! Had enough time to do two twenty minute sessions and a 20min break in between. I highly recommend these guys if you are looking to do a track day. It was a blast and I can’t wait for 2020! - 10/01/2019

    Grant Nibel Avatar
    Grant Nibel

    positive review  Lots of seat time. No rushing for class or bike prep. The track is the classroom! - 9/12/2019

    Dio Barroga Avatar
    Dio Barroga

    positive review  I highly recommend to anyone the 3:16 mentorship program, either "love to ride" or "respect the craft". They will pair you up with a mentor and you get a lot seat time. They paired me with an amazing mentor David Aue. He gave great feed back on things I needed to work on and he helped me work on them throughout the day. Even thought there were 3 other students he was able to individually mentor and critique each of us. And as busy as he was, he constantly checked up on me making sure I was doing ok throughout the day. It's a very fun track with amazing mentors that you will feel you got your money's worth! I am hooked! My future endeavors are to come back to this program and track as many times as I can! - 9/08/2019

    Joshua Hardin Avatar
    Joshua Hardin

    positive review  First of all, an openly faith based company ran by a team that truly cares about the sport and the community around it. With the mission of helping everyone improve they organize the schedule in hour long increments to reduce staging time and stress levels. Small groups allow for a lot of personalized coaching from expert club racers and even national level racers. You will have FUN. - 9/08/2019

    Juan Daniel Reynoso Avatar
    Juan Daniel Reynoso

    positive review  Participated in my first 3:16 Trackday on labor day. The staff and mentors where stacked and the flow of operations was professional. I cant wait to return. - 9/06/2019

    Louis Caldwell Avatar
    Louis Caldwell

    positive review  So this was my first track day. My budy and I decided to take up this great hobby. I was so impressed with the feel of the experience. it was like a group of guys and girls said "let's go to the track". Our mentors were knowledgeable and thorough. They pulled no punches for the sake of our growth. The consistent communication from Ignocio, felt welcoming. Arriving, I knew what the day was going to Intel. I can't wait until the next event. - 9/03/2019

    Alain Guembes Avatar
    Alain Guembes

    positive review  ? Awesome !!!!’n
    try it once. You will be hook.
    - 9/03/2019

    Wes Webb Avatar
    Wes Webb

    positive review  Great organization run by great people. A place to learn and grow as a rider where you are treated as an individual person, not a number. Can't wait to see what the future has in store for this organization. - 9/03/2019

    Patrick Patton Avatar
    Patrick Patton

    positive review  After experiencing 3:16 Trackdays and one from someone different I can officially say 3:16 has the best trackday!! There’s less people which means more room on the track, and better focus from mentors if you want the help they will help you!! I had the best time in a long time and IGNACIO is super friendly and really just wants you to have a good safe day. Look forward to more Trackdays with 3:16 - 8/20/2019

    Harly Aguilar Avatar
    Harly Aguilar

    positive review  I had a great time with 3:16 Trackdays, really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and lots of track time. Ignacio will send plenty of information in the days leading to the event so you're prepared for each location. Looking forward to more adventures at the track. - 8/15/2019

    Collin Wu Avatar
    Collin Wu

    positive review  The open format 316 track days provides is a great environment to improve your skills with the help of their leadership.

    One of the rules has stuck with me since I read it and that is “what is there to prove? Nothing”

    We all ride sports bikes and we all know they are fast. The focus of the day is to improve your skills and go home safe so we can all come back and do it again.
    - 8/15/2019

    Russell Robertson Avatar
    Russell Robertson

    positive review  Just nice. Staff is attentive, atmosphere is laid back. - 8/10/2019

    Greg Bosley Avatar
    Greg Bosley

    positive review  Great format and experience...I’ll be going again. - 8/09/2019

    Lance Catchings Avatar
    Lance Catchings

    positive review  I have been riding sport bikes since 2009 but had never experienced the track until the MSRH event on 8/3/19 and I am so thankful my first trackday was with 3:16 Trackdays. I actually won the track day at a TXSR kickoff event so that made the experience even more special. For a first time track rider I couldn’t have asked for a better organization to learn the ropes. From the drop off the night before to the check in the next day and the on/off track coaching my entire experience is one I’ll never forget. I actually roped in another street riding buddy of mine and we can’t wait to go back to MSRH for the event in September. Ignacio has put together a first class organization that I would recommend to anyone, but especially those who are new to the track experience. - 8/09/2019

    Phillip Edwards Avatar
    Phillip Edwards

    positive review  3:16 provides a safe and fun atmosphere to get on the track. Great ratio of students to mentors, few restrictions on passing. Great organization! - 8/09/2019

    Christian Noll Avatar
    Christian Noll

    positive review  Did my first 3:16 track day at MSRH last weekend. Great experience, it was safe but relaxed, low numbers on track and tons of track time. That’s truly a winning combination in my book.. I’ll be back for sure! - 8/09/2019

    Robert Wyper Avatar
    Robert Wyper

    positive review  if you're looking for an amazing trackday experience and really want to advance your skillset on the track regardless of your current skill level, THIS IS THE PLACE! This isnt just another trackday organization, it's a family of people with a mutual love of the sport. Do yourself a favor and book a day and see for youself. - 8/09/2019

    Robert Wotring Avatar
    Robert Wotring

    positive review  Best bang for your buck in the business right now. Plus one on one mentoring, vs group coaching. More personal than the standard group format. If you want lots of track time and don’t like leaving the track hungry for more, this is the organization to use. - 8/09/2019

    Sean Michael Avatar
    Sean Michael

    positive review  Awesome people! Great instruction! So much fun! If you haven't done a track day with them yet, DO IT!!! - 8/09/2019

    Joey Bocanegra Avatar
    Joey Bocanegra

    positive review  I usually dont do reviews but this experience was just so awesome. the staff is so proffesional and helpful. definitely was able to learn quite a bit and felt like the perfect trackday organization for both a beginner and a experiences rider. the environment was so much more different. everyone was willing to help in any way possible. ignacio definitely went above and beyond to help me out with my track day experience. he offers you friendship and a experience like no other track day organization. this guy is really for the people like you and I. making sure the people get what they want. 3:16 has my business 100%.

    adding to my post. I just had a track day September 2nd. and since March 31 on my crash I have been having issues with my confidence in corners. I was afraid of hitting any corner. but thanks to my instructor ben hunter I gained so much confidence. he knew the things to say and saw where I needed work. even after the track maybe reaches out and helps me with my mental block and helps me with so much advice. and still made time for his other students. probably the best instructor in ignacios arsenal.
    - 8/09/2019

    Jessie Ramirez Avatar
    Jessie Ramirez

    positive review  Very relaxed, stress free environment with longer sessions to get the seat time you need.

    Mentors are passionate about your safety and your all around experience. They will even go the extra mile to work with others that they are not assigned to. I had another mentor mid session pass me and asked for me to follow him to give me a new insight of his lines.

    10/10 I will be coming back!
    - 8/08/2019

    Sean Little Avatar
    Sean Little

    positive review  MSR Houston was my first track day event and it was really fun. The mentoring for new riders is excellent. After the mentors spent their time helping me to understand the track and the lines it became apparent how to ride on the track and it was fun. Many thanks to Jason and Ignacio for their patience with a beginner. The whole experience was good and i look forward to another track day down the road. Thanks to Ignacio and his group for their great organization. - 8/07/2019

    Michael S. Farnel Avatar
    Michael S. Farnel

    positive review  316 track days is so awesome!
    We had a downpour that swamped the track this past weekend out at MSRH. was past my ankles in some spots!??

    The 316 team was so understanding that they decided to run till 7pm to make up for the lost time! ❤❤

    I've never seen an organization that puts in so much time, understanding, help, and forethought to their programs to give each one of the riders showing up the best environment to succeed.

    Are wanting to improve your skills in every day riding track or street? They have some of the best mentors to help you where you want to be.
    Are looking for the most seat time you can get your hands on? They have 30min to an hour (YES! you read that correct. Hour!!! ?) depending on track and course you want to take.
    Are you wanting a fun environment to get out and try the track? 316 has one of the most relaxed, ride your time environments I've ever experienced in my 5 years riding the track.

    Join the 316 track day team at one of the tracks. You'll be glad you did.

    From me and so many others, we can't thank everyone at 316 enough for everything that you do for us! Can't wait to get out there with everyone again! ?
    - 8/07/2019

    James Robertson Avatar
    James Robertson

    positive review  A no-nonsense trackday organization that provides the most bang for your buck... Longer track sessions with experienced mentors who actually race in current regional and national championships... Be surrounded by people who have a true passion for this sport and provide you with the necessary tools to advance to top level riding... On-site vendors who can help you dial in your motorcycle to make the most of your day at the racetrack... 3:16 Trackdays is now my preferred organization when getting in motorcycle track time! - 8/07/2019

    Ruben Perez Avatar
    Ruben Perez


    David Aue Avatar
    David Aue

    positive review  3:16 really puts on a great event. The mentality of this organization is very unique and results in an exceptional track experience. I have attended 3 of their events this year and the courteousness of the staff and their philosophy of the Golden Rule really makes a difference keeping the track open for max ridding time. The smaller groups I think make a big difference in keeping everyone calm and allowing for true learning. If you get a chance to attend a mentor day, don't miss it! Ignacio Pedregon III and his wife really go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome and taken care of. I look forward to attending many more of their events! Thanks 3:16! - 8/06/2019

    Ramiro Garcia Avatar
    Ramiro Garcia

    positive review  3:16 track days put on an awesome event at MSR. Ignacio is one of a kind, he personally helped me get the right gear i needed for the track day. I was able to work with his mentor Jason and learned a lot and had plenty of track time. Thank you all for an amazing experience! A+++ - 8/06/2019

    Carlos Dubon Avatar
    Carlos Dubon

    positive review  My brother, my friend and I we went for our first time at MRSH thru 3:16 with Ignacio Pedregon and it was an such amazing experience with you guys.

    You care about us and exceed our expectations about it. Treat me no only like customer, also like a friend riding with them.
    Everything totally organized and well trained for it. Super smooth checking, inspection and orientation for the track.

    Now I see why a lot people told me go thru 3:16. I recommended 100% and I will ride with them again.

    Thanks Ignacio
    - 8/06/2019

    James Compean Avatar
    James Compean

    positive review  lots of track time. mentors are super helpful and the format provides plenty of attention. always enjoy 316trackdays - 8/06/2019

    CW Prime Avatar
    CW Prime

    positive review  Amazing, no pressure environment. Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly. Love it. - 8/06/2019

  • Eli Gaucin Avatar
    Eli Gaucin

    positive review  Great organization with awesome mentors! I definitely recommend doing trackdays with them. Will be doing as many trackdays as I can. - 8/06/2019

    Michael Joseph Csikos Avatar
    Michael Joseph Csikos

    positive review  Very nice and helpful people everywhere you turn. Everyone was so kind and approachable. I Can’t say enough good things about it! Had such a blast with 3:16 track days. Can’t wait until the next event and looking forward to it already. - 8/05/2019

    Thao Melanie Vo-Pham Avatar
    Thao Melanie Vo-Pham

    positive review  An amazing experience...very organized from pre-track prep emails to post track follow-up. Personalized instruction from your mentor on and off the track. Since I did both days, Aug 3 & 4, and though it’s not my first time doing track, I was able to really grasp the advice from my instructor and utilize it on the track. I highly recommend 3:16 Trackdays for your first time on the track, you will be totally bitten by the track bug! - 8/05/2019

    Ben Hunter Avatar
    Ben Hunter

    positive review  I never do reviews but this organization is definitely worth doing it for the first time. 3:16 Trackdays are by far the best way to get faster and have more seat time. They offer quality over quantity, meaning less people on track = safer and little to no down time due to overcrowding. They have race proven mentors not control riders, trust me there is a different ?. My racing has greatly improved this year thanks to their mentors and top notch trackside suspension/tire support. Definitely best bang for your buck even if you are a beginner and never ridden a track or an experienced racer. Thank you 3:16 for being there for our sport, we definitely needed this in our area. - 8/05/2019

    Hai Yee Chen Avatar
    Hai Yee Chen

    positive review  Had an amazing time at MSRH. Ignacio and his team really did a superb job. The 30min and 1hr sessions gives you more than enough time on the track without feeling rushed. But they are killer on your cardio if you're pushing yourself (at least for me), definitely need to up my cardio game. Met some really chill people and everyone was friendly and I felt comfortable right away. First track day in over 5 years and first ever in Texas. Looking forward to the next one and much more to come! I've only had experiences in NJ way back in the day, but it's not every day you find someone like Ignacio who makes the track day feel like it's about us riders and not their bottom line. ?? - 8/05/2019

    Gee Co'Torres Avatar
    Gee Co'Torres

    positive review  down to earth riders giving back to the sport to teach new comers!!! Top Knotch!!! - 6/26/2019

    Kyle Mallett Avatar
    Kyle Mallett

    positive review  with my work schedule it is hard to schedule a track day but I was finally able to make a trackday with 3:16. it was great! rider's meeting didn't trail off and take 2 hours, track wasn't overly packed and the 3:16 workers all made sure we had a great time. Ignacio's wife had electrolyte tablets and ensured everyone was hydrating and they even had the air conditioner on in the reg room to go in between sessions. - 6/09/2019

    Andy Rutkus Avatar
    Andy Rutkus

    positive review  The June event was my first time riding with 3:16 Trackdays. I cant say enough good things about the experience. The most track time ive ever had at a track-day and not over crowded. I witnessed Ignacio Pedregon III and his wife going to nearly every, if not all riders at some point during the day and making sure they were doing well in the heat and if they needed a hand with anything. Very professional, very friendly and definitely would recommend as your go to track-day org. - 6/06/2019

    Kasey Lewis Avatar
    Kasey Lewis

    positive review  I won’t recommend a product unless I’ve tried it, so I tried it. These guys put on a good trackday, all of the staff is friendly and helpful, it’s well organized and well run. I like the most current format of 30 min sessions, 3 groups, which is what I tried. They have skilled control riders for all levels. It’ll the girds were not so heavily packed there were crashes every session, or unsafe conditions on track. Good for all levels of track skill, so give them your money and go ride! - 6/04/2019

    Diego Moya Avatar
    Diego Moya

    positive review  Great time with multiple coaches available for advice! Hydrate and prepare yourself mentally/physically for the heat. Definitely will attend many more! - 6/03/2019

    Jackie Vu Avatar
    Jackie Vu

    positive review  I was a first timer at the track and I couldn't be happier with the setup at 3:16 Trackdays. It was relaxed, friendly, and everyone was polite both on and off the track. I was worried going into it, but a mentor picked me up right away and helped me through the first few sessions. It wasn't too crowded, and I never felt unsafe. I had an excellent time and will be coming back! - 6/03/2019

    Tamara B Smith Avatar
    Tamara B Smith

    positive review  Tagged along with a friend for the ‘Test and Train’ day, 6/1/19. Beyond expectations! As a new rider (less than 1 year), this is the best quality track time I’ve had since I’ve been in the seat. Advanced/Expert riders were saying the same. Total of five focused 30-min sessions with instruction and feedback. Made some big gains, and will definitely be back for more. Highly recommended! - 6/02/2019

    Joaquin Rodriguez Avatar
    Joaquin Rodriguez

    positive review  The hospitality was great, made feel like I was at home! Definitely recommend going here. - 6/02/2019

    Jeremiah Reidy Avatar
    Jeremiah Reidy

    positive review  Great group of people, riders, coaching, management of the event was well run , on a schedule so you dont miss any sessions because you could not understand the loudspeakers, pointers given by other riders were spot on, very humble group, very skilled riders. Ignacio and wife were very nice. Lots of track time. - 6/02/2019

    Oba De Avatar
    Oba De

    positive review  This is the trackday to go to if you need a lot of seat time and less traffic. Very organized too and I personally loved how we started the whole day with a prayer. - 6/02/2019

    Lawrence Vu Avatar
    Lawrence Vu

    positive review  Today was my first time at this trackday, it was the best even I’ve attended. Friendly atmosphere, and they really show that they care. Very well organized , and I highly recommend that you attend a 3:16 trackday - 6/02/2019

    Michael Sanchez Avatar
    Michael Sanchez

    positive review  great people and a lot of good track time! definitely recommend from new riders to experienced racers! - 6/01/2019

    Mike Moore Avatar
    Mike Moore

    positive review  I had a great time, I definitely recommend 316, I like the idea and execution of this organization, much more time for your money, and then the personalized approach as far a the mentors and goals go was awesome! - 5/30/2019

    Julien Harper Avatar
    Julien Harper

    positive review  Great time..... My 2nd track day but both where full of fun, knowledge and great mentorship form ALL mentors. - 5/30/2019

    Riley Ellisor Avatar
    Riley Ellisor

    positive review  I have ridden with 3 different TD orgs now and this one far outpaces the rest. From the courteous riders to the professional instructors, I had a great time and learned so, so much. Plus, 4 HOURS of track time!

    Try this program out. The extra few bucks are well worth it.
    - 5/29/2019

    Alistair Lane Avatar
    Alistair Lane

    positive review  Very well run with a relaxed atmosphere. The track walk gave really good advice from top notch riders providing their personal perspective. Mentors were great providing tips to improve my riding tailored to me. 4 hours of seat time with no classes and limited numbers of riders made for a fantastic day! - 5/28/2019

    Chris Bemben Avatar
    Chris Bemben

    positive review  IP and his crew have a great thing going - lots of seat time, great instructors with an awesome instructor:student ratio, all the usual support vendors (and then some) - can't ask for more. Looking forward to the next 3:16 trackday!

    I will say, for anyone who might be concerned about the 3:16 aspect - there is a prayer at the rider's meeting but that is it. No sermons or required church. Just lots of awesome people putting down fast laps. Come check it out!
    - 5/28/2019

    Justin McMurry Avatar
    Justin McMurry

    positive review  Signed up for 3:16 track days in March at cresson, not really knowing what to expect. Once arriving I was greeted by and pointed in the right direction by their staff. Who was very very friendly! The organization is absolutely awesome! The 1hour sessions seemed a bit daunting, but actually turned out really nice! It allowed you plenty of time to work on whatever you were trying to improve on, but also gave you plenty of time in the pits between sessions without feeling rushed. I believe they are changing it to 45min now which I feel will be perfect. Having a very low instructor to rider ratio also was a huge plus! The instructors were fantastic and were there whenever you needed them. Personally my favorite thing about this organization, was what it stands behind. Which isn’t for everyone, but I really enjoyed it! Definitely recommend 3:16, and I will be doing a lot more TDs with them! - 5/07/2019

    Jeff Foushee Avatar
    Jeff Foushee

    positive review  3:16 has a great product. The usefulness of the track time surpasses any other track day organization. The hour long sessions allow plenty of time to get feedback from your mentor and then go back out immediately and work on that feedback.

    The 4:1 mentor to student ratio is great as well. Very personalized feedback. I had a MotoAmerica racer giving me valuable feedback that immediately dropped my lap times on the subsequent laps.

    The limited number of slots is also great. No need to be fighting traffic while working around the track. The slight increase in cost is worth the limited roster.

    3:16 is a new organization, they are dedicated to customers and strive to deliver a great product. Everyone was great off the track and respectful on the track. In their first official track day, they nailed it. You will not be disappointed with 3:16.
    - 3/25/2019

    Ryan Tucker Avatar
    Ryan Tucker

    positive review  I've been to 5 trackdays in the last two years. I started working with Jorge, my mentor, from the start of the day (I found him at 7am!). I knew what my two goals were for the day and we worked on those extensively. He would find me on the track, take the lead, then follow, then we would pull over and talk. I got plenty of attention from my mentor and we did not feel "rushed". I was concerned about the 1hr sessions, but they grew on me. I got all the seat time I could handle and was worn out by the end of the last session. The main difference from the prior trackdays was the more "loose format" which allowed for more time to focus on your skills, rather than where you have to be every 5 minutes. There is a large gap in skillset for the Love to Ride group, but as long as your patient, the herd thins out quickly and you will have a lot of the track to yourself. Definitely going to be at another one of their trackdays. - 3/22/2019

    Brian Kirkwood Avatar
    Brian Kirkwood

    positive review  I have attended track day events with a half dozen organizers. 3:16 was hands down the best. The hour long sessions are perfect for developing skills and the hour downtime allows time interact with mentors, rest and meet new people. A track day organizer that makes everyone feel welcome. - 3/22/2019

    Stephen Porter Avatar
    Stephen Porter

    positive review  Thanks to 3:16 Trackdays for putting on a great event. This may be long but a thorough review may help others decide to come out or not.

    I have had to be away from track riding for a few years. Life got super busy and family commitments kept me away. As a result, some of the confidence in my abilities that I once had has be diminished. I also didn't want to come back to an adrenaline filled crash fest.

    I got on the website and watched the videos and read what was there. I even called Ignacio to see what they were all about. Ignacio does a great job of sending out emails and videos to help people understand what is going to happen and make it less confusing as it can be for new people. Pre-trackday impressions were good.

    Managed to get loaded up early and arrived at the track the day before while some bikes were still on track. After the track riding was done. My wife and I got to walk the track and take pictures of all the turns. Cresson has changed a bit over the years. The seams in the pavement are not friendly to running parallel.

    We finished taping up the bike, had dinner, and got some shut eye for the next day. Up at 6 to sign in at 6:30 and tech the bike. The riders' meeting went well. A little long, but the first one of the year normally is.

    We hopped into pickup trucks and did a track drive/walk and talked about several turns and things to look out for such as seams and bumps.

    Now 3:16 has a different format than most track days. Only two groups, Love to Ride (beginner to moderate level) and Respect the Craft (more advanced to wicked fast). Each group got a total of three and a half hours of ride time. The first sessions are two 30 minute sessions for each group and then one hour per group for the rest of the day. More thoughts on the format later.

    The first session was following in a group with a mentor leading the pack. We were shown general lines as well as practiced entering and exiting the track several times. These skill are more important than most people realize. The first session on Cresson on a morning in the 50-degree ranges, can you say "slippery" boys and girls? But this is kind of normal there. Debrief with mentor after the first session then hydrate and get ready to go again.

    Hour-long session, wow. Holy crap, can I even ride for an hour straight? My goal the first session was to relax and see if I could. Yep, road the whole session and gradually relearned the track and slowly got more heat and grip out of the brand new Dunlop GPR 300 tires that are purpose made for bikes like my Ninja 300. Getting some good reference points and keeping the pace relaxed help get more and more comfortable. A few straightaway throttle junkies were holding me up in some of the turns. Oh well, a trackday not a race. Must pass with respect and give them plenty of room. The attached photos show my progression throughout the day. BTW Blair Hart at Hart Photography does his best to make you look good. (oops can't seem to add photos to the review) A post-ride consult with my mentor and time for some lunch.

    I may have eaten a little too much at lunch and/or the usual lack of sleep before a trackday caught up with me. The second hour-long session wasn't flowing as well for me though I was still getting more comfortable with the bike. I rode about 40 minutes and called it. Hey, I have an hour and 20-minute break. Time to get out of the leathers and deep breathing/relax/nap time. Get a big drink of water and go out again.

    Third and final hour-long session. I am putting it all together. Getting corner speeds up. A bit more passing with respect. Rocking and rolling for about 20 minutes. Man, I gotta pee. Hey, hour-long session, why not come in and pee. And I did. Then went back out again and got back up to pace. I went about as fast as I wanted to in most turns. Ok, a few to still work on. With about 15 minutes left the brain started to fade a bit so I called it a day. What an awesome day. I got good feedback from a couple of mentors and a corner worker. Most of the brief red flags were mechanical issues. One rider did have an agricultural experience with no injuries. Overall a very good trackday experience. I would highly recommend 3:16 Trackdays to anyone looking to have fun and improve your riding.
    - 3/21/2019

    Brian Zortman Avatar
    Brian Zortman

    positive review  This group appears to be motivated by more than money. They ask questions, and go the extra mile trying to make the experience of track riding the best it can be. - 3/20/2019

    Peter Harford Avatar
    Peter Harford

    positive review  Done about 60+ trackdays since 2001. Excellent experience and excellent instructors. I was matched with Zach as he was also riding a Tuono. The high instructor to participants meant for a more one on one experience and targeted approach to areas you wish to work on. A+. - 3/20/2019

    David Lang Avatar
    David Lang

    positive review  This was one of the best track days I have ever been to. Well organized, safe and fast. The seat time was remarkable. - 3/20/2019

    Danny Gates Avatar
    Danny Gates

    positive review  Thank you Ignacio and all the Mentors, fantastic track day! - 3/20/2019

    Jason Litton Avatar
    Jason Litton

    positive review  Ignacio and his wife are both riders who love the sport. Committed to promoting and building a safe respectful experience in both street and track riding. That commitment is clearly first and foremost here for 3:16 Trackdays, which helps maximize track time by keeping rider numbers low and respect for others at a maximum, keeping time off the track from crashes at a minimum, which helps you focus on the things you want to work on, be it getting better or just enjoying a day on the track. The scheduled for the day never felt rushed and in all the years I have done track days. The level of respect I saw riders giving others on the track was higher than I have ever seen before. Which made the day exceptional. A lot of work goes into putting these on, your time and commitment is very much appreciated. Thank you! - 3/20/2019

    Nick Carter Avatar
    Nick Carter

    positive review  This is the track day org that is for riders, designed by riders. Everyone involved was great. You can really tell their main focus is not profit, but to create a great rider focused experience for everyone. I had a great time at Cresson, received valuable feedback from my coach, and felt an environment of respect and mutual love for the sport the entire day. - 3/20/2019

    Kenneth Washington Avatar
    Kenneth Washington

    positive review  316 was my first trackday, I was a bit nervous on what to expect, especially with not knowing anyone there. Everything from start to finish quickly put that worry at ease. I felt like it was real riders there, not just some organization taking my money for a slot. I was assigned a mentor named Marquis to improve my skills, and was perfect. The best part however, other mentors also guided me without me even asking, gave me pointers from a different perspective. That truely shows how much care, quality, and quantity at which 316 provides. A concern of mines was not having enough time to ride and enjoy the track, feeling rushed through the day. The hour long on the track was perfect, gives you time to actually work on quite a few things, get feedback and try it again, before 1 session is over. Another good rule I ended up loving is passing. There are no rules to passing EXCEPT, pass with respect. I found myself wanting to pass at certain parts of the track normally NOT allowed through other organizations. Even though is not in my sight, it does give you the passing experience if you decide to race. I'm not trying to convience anyone to pick them, just stating my experience. I had a great time, already booking my next with 316 trackdays. I guess the only thing else to say is... lets ride! Hope see everyone back out. - stay safe - 3/20/2019

    Bobby Crandell Avatar
    Bobby Crandell

    positive review  Really looking forward to the new season. The long sessions are especially great if you're practicing for endurance racing and very helpful for practicing technique as you can pit out and review with an instructor and get back at it without feeling rushed that your session is about to end. Plenty of time for both riding and rest. Oh, and red flags?.... not such a popular thing? - 1/06/2019

    Scott Evers Avatar
    Scott Evers

    positive review  Double the time on track and nobody really crashes, worth the money. Make sure your fitness is good to take advantage. - 12/14/2018

    Bobbi Rogers Avatar
    Bobbi Rogers

    positive review  I participated in an event at Harris Hill and it was my 2nd time on track period. While I attended an intro class at the same track previously, my 3:16 track day was so much more helpful and useful. I learned more about proper track riding in that one day than in successive track days with other organizations. They run a tight class, with clearly defined track and class sessions. The instructors are all very qualified, friendly and super helpful, I wouldn't be anywhere near as safe or fast on track without that track day from 3:16 - 12/13/2018

    Austin Pressy Avatar
    Austin Pressy

    positive review  Absolutely loved my track day experience with 3:16 Trackdays, definitely the biggest bang for your dollar, excellent 1 on 1 time with the mentors, tons of track time. In fact so much track time that if you don’t pace yourself you will wear yourself out.
    10/10 on customer service
    10/10 on value
    10/10 on environment (friendly/fun/clean/condition)

    Great Job on making track days affordable for everyone to enjoy! Looking forward to next track season!!!!!
    - 12/12/2018

    Dan Meehan Avatar
    Dan Meehan

    positive review  Open lesson plan. Great resource if you want to learn something specific or just discover your limits. - 10/30/2018