11/1/2021 Monday Harris Hill CCW Superbike Camp

This event will be held at Harris Hill Raceway going in the Counter Clockwise Direction.

Which Group Am I ? Click on the link below and read the group descriptions.

Trackday Formats – Which Group am I ?   <—- CLICK HERE

To see this track and an example video of “courteous passing” please follow this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7ZjnU1LWEA

To learn more about this track please see the link below to the official web site.


Drop off the night before is allowed,  parking plan is sent out before the event.
Camping at the track is allowed (lights out 10pm)
Gas – No Gas for Sale, you must bring your own
Tire and Suspension Support will be available.
Track Photography is provided by Blair Hart Photography to see examples please follow this link. https://www.hart-photography.com

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Showing all 3 results