3/18/19 MSR Cresson – Respect the Craft (Intermediate to Advanced) **SOLD OUT**


Respect the Craft – Intermediate to Advanced Riders (No Beginners) Read the Full Description Below before purchasing.

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“Respect the Craft” Group

Highlights of the “respect the craft group” include the following;

  • The Respect the Craft Group is intended for track day riders and racers who are beyond the basics and want access to the best mentors available.
  • The day starts off with a track drive led by a MotoAmerica racer taking you corner by corner on the track.
  • Next you will not be “rushed” to get onto a cold or green track,  you will have 45 minutes to prepare for your track time.
  • You and 3 other riders (4 total) will be matched with an Expert Racer who will be your Race Mentor for the day.
  • Start your day with 30 minutes of “Meet the Track” a lead follow session.

After this it is 1 hour break followed by 1 hour on the track with the mentor and your group.  Then 1 Hour break and 1 Hour track continues for another session.

After you have spent 4.5 hours learning from your race mentor,  you can take the last session as play time while he/she goes and plays!


Total Time

  • 3.5 Hours of time On the Track
  • 2.5 Hours of time with your race Mentor



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