Trackday Format

On “Love to Ride and Respect the Craft” days we will have you tell us what 2 skills you require the most improvement on. We will then match you to a Mentor who can help you develop and improve those skills. You will have 4 participants assigned to 1 Mentor not only giving you more track time but giving you more time with a mentor.

The information below describes our groups.

Love to Ride

  • Beginner to Intermediate Skill Level 
  • 28 – 34 Riders Max depending on track
  • You are assigned 4:1 ratio to a mentor who helps you on and off track.
  • Mentors for this group are Novice level racers.
  • On Track Mentoring Means showing you the corners, following you, giving you advise. Building a plan to get better.
  • Off track mentoring means discussing observations, talking about tire pressures, ergonomics, and technique. 
  • Focus on being comfortable and relaxed
  • Low pressure environment
  • 3.5 Hour Long Track Sessions wih your Mentor
  • 2.5 Hours off Track with your Mentor
  • Anyone can join this group as long as they follow “The Golden Rules”

Respect The Craft

  • Intermediate and Up
  • Riders who know the basics already
  • 28-34 Riders Max depending on the track.
  • You are assigned 4:1 Ratio to an Expert Level Racer to mentor you on and off the track.
  • On track Mentoring means showing you the line, following you, identifying what you need to work on, building a plan
  • Off track Mentoring means discussing observations, plans, techniques, and anything technical.
  • Focus on improving skills
  • Low Pressure Environment
  • 3.5 Hour Long Track Sessions
  • 2.5 Hours off track with your mentor
  • Racers are allowed here as long as “The Golden Rules” are followed.
  • Everyone must at least check in with their mentor but you are not forced.

Test and Train

  • Race Practice similar to racing organizaions format
  • 30 Riders per group
  • 30 Minute Sessions on Track
  • Light Weight – motorcycles up to 500cc
  • Novice Group – Advanced Riders 600cc and up
  • Expert – Expert Class Racers or Past Experts only 600cc and up.